Khadi Organic Ram Mandir Coupon Code/Discount Code

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Are you searching for Coupon Code to get discount in Khadi Organic Prasad? Khadi Organic is providing the facility of home delivery of Ram Mandir Prasad.

You can book Prasad for free on this website, however you will have to pay a delivery charge of Rs 51. While booking Prasad on this website, there is an option of Discount Code.

You can get discount on the product by filling the discount code. Apart from free Ram Mandir Prasad, you can also buy T-shirt, Gamcha, Flag, Silver Coin, Wooden Temple on this website.

Khadi Organic Coupon Code/Discount Code

If you are searching for discount code for Ram Mandir Prasad, then let me tell you that Ram Mandir Prasad is absolutely free and you cannot get discount on things which are free.

Ram Mandir Prasad is already free on this website, hence there is no point in discounting it. If you want to get discount on other products then you can use the discount code.

Khadi Organic has not announced any discount code on its products so you cannot get discount on the product. There is already a discount on the product on this website, so you cannot get more discount.

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  1. The Khadi Organic controversy involves a scam where people booked “Prasad” but were deceived. The Delhi High Court has shut down the website, leaving customers seeking refunds for their ₹51 payments. Customers are advised against filling out any forms due to potential misuse of personal information. For refunds, there’s little assurance of response from the provided support email. The situation serves as a cautionary tale about online scams, emphasizing the importance of vigilance in digital transactions. 🚨🤔

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