Review : Is JSW Ventures earning app Real or Fake ?

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Do you want to know whether JSW Ventures earning app is real app or fake?

New apps are launched every day to earn money. Such apps which talk about doubling your money in a short time are completely fake.

One such app is very much in discussion at the moment. The name of this app is JSW Ventures. From the name this app looks absolutely real. Many youtubers have promoted this app and also shown their earning proof.

But is this app really a real app? Can money really be earned from this app? Is this app really giving money or are people being scammed?

App NameJSW Ventures
Whatsapp No+91 78020 58850
Telegram Channel
Real or FakeFake
Gov RegisteredNo

JSW Ventures earning app Information

The information about JSW Ventures is available on the internet and according to some Youtubers, it is an earn money app. There are many plans given in this app in which you will earn daily by investing money.

It is claimed in this app that if you invest Rs 350 in Wind Power plan, you will earn Rs 157 daily. You will continue to get this money for 30 days.

Similarly, many other plans are also given in this app in which good earnings are claimed daily on investing money. You can see their plans and the earnings from them below.

  1. Invest Rs.350 and Earn Daily Rs.157
  2. Invest Rs.1760 and Earn Daily Rs.827
  3. Invest Rs.5,100 and Earn Daily Rs.2,499

JSW Ventures earning app Real or Fake

JSW Ventures is a completely fake app and no one can earn money by investing in this app. Whatever Youtuber is showing his earning proof is completely fake.

There are many reasons why this app is fake.

1. Business Model – This app has no business model. After all, where is she giving this money from? Is it a mine of money that it is distributing money for free?

2. Copy Logo – Let me tell you that JSW is a multinational steel company. This app has created its own company by stealing the logo of the same company. JSW does not have any official app, however it has a website named “”.

3. Ponzi Scheme – This platform runs Ponzi Scheme, that is, it claims to double and triple your money in a few days, although it does not tell how it will work.

4. No GOV Registered – This company is not Government Registered, which means it does not even pay tax to the Government. If this company runs away with the money then you cannot even file a case against it.

5. Domain Structure – The domain name of this website is very useless. No real company will ever keep such a domain name. The URL of this website is

Here you can see. After JSW – symbol is attached. A real company never places a symbol like this in the middle of its website.

Apart from this, this domain is completely new and the website built on such a new domain cannot be trusted at all.

6. Social Media Presence – JSW Ventures Earning App account has not been created on social media Instagram or Facebook. This clearly means that it does not want its business to reach the people.

In today’s time, where people are taking the help of social media to reach their business to the people, this app is not even available on social media.

Why are Youtubers promoting JSW Ventures earning app?

JSW Ventures has a Refer and Earn program in which very good commission is being given on referral. For this reason Youtubers are promoting such fake earning apps.

Youtuber does not have to invest any money in this app, rather people themselves will invest money in this app and Youtuber will earn commission.

Apart from this, such fake apps give good money to YouTubers for making videos so that people can trust their app and invest money.

Conclusion – JSW Ventures earning app is completely fake earning app and no one can earn money from this app. Such apps are being launched every day. I have written articles on similar apps before and told people their truth.

If any Youtuber says that he has earned money from this app then he is lying. His earning proof is also completely false. The company itself pays Youtubers to promote their app, hence Youtubers also make fake videos.

By Akak

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