Jar App Real or Fake in 2024 : Complete Review

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Jar App is Real or Fake ? You must have heard about Jar App. This is a gold investment app. In this, you can get good returns by investing in gold by adding the money earned from your savings.

In this article, we are going to give a review of Jar App and we will know whether Jar App is Real or Fake, should we use it? Is there any benefit from this? So let’s know then Jar App is Real or Fake App?

AppJar App
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What is Jar App?

Jar App is a digital gold investment app. In this app you can invest in digital gold. In this app, you can invest in gold on daily, weekly, monthly basis. After this, as the price of gold will increase, so will the value of your money.

Round off option has been given in this, as if you shopped for Rs.45, then after rounding off from Rs.50, the remaining Rs.5 will be invested in gold. To use it, you have to allow the permission of your SMS.

You can start investing in this app from Rs.10 only. It also has the facility of auto pay, it keeps investing money in gold through auto debit from your UPI.

You can set a limit to invest in gold on your daily, weekly, monthly basis, after that your money will be automatically deducted from the bank and invested in it.

By converting the money invested in Jar App into coin, you can take delivery at home or you can also gift it to someone else. There is also a facility to rent gold, you can earn interest by renting your gold.

You can withdraw your money from Jar App anytime, that is, you can transfer your invested money to the bank. There are some charges for using Jar App, we will talk about it further, before that we know whether Jar App is Real or Fake, should we use it?

Jar App Real or Fake

Jar App is real app. This is the official partner of Safe Gold i.e. your gold is bought and sold from SafeGold, here Jar App is just a medium which helps you to manage your gold and do other things.

SafeGold is secured with SEBI-regulated trustee, so it proves that Jar App is a real app, although Jar App has many shortcomings, knowing which you should think about investing in Jar App.

Disadvantages of jar app

1. SMS permission has to be given to use it so that it can read all your types of SMS

2.While investing in gold in Jar App, the price of digital gold appears lower than the real price and while withdrawing, the price appears even lower, which leads to losses.

3.In this you can buy digital gold but there is no facility to buy gold in SGB form.

4.There is an option to earn money by referring, but you will get the referral money only when you refer someone and he will invest, then you will get 50 rupees and also friend will get 50 rupees.

5.You will be able to withdraw the money earned from the refer only when it becomes 100 rupees only then you can use it to buy gold.

6.To invest in Jar App, KYC has to be done, for which PAN card is required, if you do not have PAN card, then you will not be able to complete kYC.

Jar app benefits

  • In this you can invest in gold from 10 rupees.
  • Auto Debit facility provided through UPI
  • You can take delivery of physical gold at home
  • You can gift digital gold to someone
  • You can earn interest by renting your gold

Jar App Charges

  • No Withdrawal Charges
  • Sell digital Gold Within 3 Years [Short-Term Capital Gains(STCG)] –
  • Sell digital Gold After 3 Years [Long-Term Capital Gains (LTCG).]
Jar App Charges

Jar app Minimum Withdrawal

You can withdraw your money only after 24 hours of depositing money in Jar app. Jar app does not take any charges for withdrawing money.

Jar App Customer care number

Conclusion – Hope you must have understood that Jar App is Real or Fake. If you want to invest in Jar App, then you can download Jar App from the link given below.

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  1. Hi it’s jar app is not support from the customer service .I am already investment in JAR App but no one responded to my message and how to know about my How much investment in my account so pls confirm and inform to me my my mail.
    If u not support and noot reply to messages depinently I have to close my account
    Thank you so much sir

  2. Jar is 420 spam pls don’t save money here…. withdraw facility is not here…this is lutera company 420

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