Review : Is Real or Fake Website ? (Revealed)

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If you have come to this post then you must have come to know about whether this website is real or fake? is a Captcha Filling website and this website says that you can earn money by filling Captcha here.

If you want to know whether is real or fake, then I am going to tell you this in this post, so let’s know about

About is famous for earning money by filling captcha. This website claims to earn 3 to 4 dollars on 1000 captchas. To work on this website, one has to buy its plan.

It has 3 plans in which the cheapest plan is the basic plan of Rs 999. Its most expensive plan is Rs 2,999 in which $6 is being given for 500 Captcha.

Its address is written on the home page of this website, which shows that it is a USA company and its headquarters is also there. It says that you can work easily in it.

There is no restriction on working in this. You can easily work on Laptop, PC or Smartphone while sitting at home and earn money. Real or Fake is a fake Captcha Filling Website and no one can earn money from this website. This website’s claim of giving 3 to 4 dollars for 1000 captchas is completely fake.

There are many reasons for this website being fake. Let me tell all those reasons one by one.

1. Subscription Plan: Subscription Plan has been given on this website which shows that this website is a fake website. A real website never charges a subscription plan.

When this website wants to make you money then why is it taking money from you? Actually this website wants to earn money from you in the name of Subscription Plan. If even 10 people take the basic plan of this website every day, then the daily earning of this website will be Rs 9000.

2. Reviews – People have given very bad ratings to this website on Quora, Trustpilot. People have given very bad reviews to this website, which shows that the website is fake.

3. Social presence – This company is not on social media. It neither has a Youtube channel nor a Facebook account. Today, all the real companies are taking the help of social media to increase their business, then why is this company still away from social media?

4. Busienss Model – What is the business model of this company? No one knows how this company earns money. From where is this company giving you money to fill Captcha? After all, where is it getting the money from?

What is the benefit of filling Captcha for this company? No one knows this thing yet, nor has this company mentioned it in its About section. This clearly means that this company is fake.

5. Fake Captcha Work – This company gives money for filling Captcha, but the question is, what benefit is this company getting from filling Captcha? Let me tell you that filling Captcha does not benefit any company.

This company is playing with your emotions. It knows that there are many unemployed people in India and there are some people who want to earn money sitting at home without doing any hard work, hence this company has taken up the task of Captcha filling.

Along with this, it has also launched a Subscription Plan so that innocent people get trapped in its trap and make them rich by taking their subscription plan.

6. Scamadvisor Trust – SIt has got a Trust Rating of 1 out of 100 on Scamadvisor, which means that it is completely clear that this website is a fake website and it cannot be trusted at all.

Conclusion – Hope you have come to know whether website is real or fake? If you really want to earn money then you can use the real app.

I would advise you to earn money from Winzo App, this is a very good app in which you can earn money by playing games and can immediately transfer the earned money to the bank.

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