Is Grahak power india private limited Real or Fake ?

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A new MLM company named Grahak power india private limited is becoming increasingly popular among the people. Many people have a question whether this company is real or fake?

I keep writing about many websites daily on my blog where I tell their real truth. If you want to know whether Grahak power india private limited is Real or Fake then read this post completely.

what is grahak power india private limited

Grahak power india private limited or GPIPL is an MLM company. This company has just been launched in the new market. You can earn money in four ways in this company. This company charges a good amount in the name of joining fees.

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Grahak power india private limited Real or Fake

This is a fake company and no one can earn money from this company. I have already told in my blog post that if any company is asking you for money in the name of earning money then it is a completely fake company.

Recently, some MLM companies have been launched simultaneously, about which I have already told in my post. The name of these companies is Explosion earning, RBM Marketing (Rising Bharat Marketing) PVT LTD.

Let me tell you that the interface of the websites of these three companies Explosion earning, RBM Marketing and Grahak power india private limited and their plans are exactly the same.

I can say with certainty that the owner of these three companies is the same. All three of these are Fake MLM companies. These companies are charging Rs 4500 as fees for joining the company by showing the dream of earning money.

First, these companies give free joining to the people, then when people earn money by watching ads in this company, then this company asks for money from them at the time of withdrawal.

If you want to know more about these MLM companies, then I have already told in my post, you can read those posts by clicking on the link.

Reality of Grahak power india private limited

The truth of this company is that it charges Rs 4,500 from you in the name of joining fee. After this, if you get 10 people to join you to recover this money, you will get Rs 4,500.

In this way the company’s earning becomes 4500×11 – 4500 = 45000 rupees but you do not earn any money.

In this way, even though you are earning Rs 45,000 to the company, you are not getting any benefit. Here only the company is benefiting, not you. Here the company is taking money from you and giving it to you only.

If you are really working hard then you can earn a lot of money by creating your own MLM plan. In this way you will work hard and you will earn Rs 45,000.

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