Review : Is Fruit tiles win & play is real or fake

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At present, a game called Fruit tiles win & play is becoming increasingly popular. In this, people are claiming to earn money by playing games. In this article we will know whether Fruit tiles win & play game is real or not.

About Fruit tiles win & play game

There are many fruits in the Fruit tiles win & play game. When you get 3 same kind of fruits, you get a point. In this way, in the game you have to match similar fruits.

The more times you match similar fruits, the more points you will get and the more money you will earn. As you play the game, the money earned keeps adding up.

This game is currently in Early Access mode on Play Store, that is, it has not been fully launched yet. Initially there was an option to withdraw money in this game but now it is not available.

Fruit tiles win & play is real or fake

Fruit tiles win & play game is a fake app. If this app is asking you for money to withdraw money then it is completely fake and you should think for yourself that why would any app give you money to play games?

After all, what benefit is he getting by playing the game so that he can earn profit and give you money? This app is completely fake because it just wants to make you crazy and loot money from you.

If you deposit money through this app, your money gets lost and you get a big scam. Before depositing money in any such app, think once about its business and how it is earning the money which will give you the money.

After all, why would any company give you money just for playing games? think about this once

Fruit tiles win & play Withdrawal Money

There is no option to withdraw money in this game, although initially the option of Paypal was given to withdraw money from this app, but now there is no option to withdraw money in it.

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