Review : Immediate urex 2.0 is real or fake ?

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Do you want to know whether Immediate Urex 2.0 is a real platform or a fake platform? Immediate platform is being searched a lot on Google since some time.

Many new branches of Immediate have been seen like Immediate Urex 2.0, Immediate 9.0, Immediate Reopro 2.0 etc.

Do you want to know whether Immediate Urex 2.0 is a real platform or a fake platform. Here in this post I have given complete information about this platform.

NameImmediate urex 2.0
PricingStarting at 250 USD
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
Platforms Supportedweb-based, Windows, Android
Application CategoryCryptocurrency Trading Platform
Real or FakeFake

Immediate urex 2.0 is real or fake

Immediate Urex 2.0 is a fake platform. No one can earn money from trading on this platform. This platform is completely illegal in India. This company is not even registered with the Government of India.

The Immediate Urex 2.0 website is completely new and this type of website cannot be trusted at all. There is no review about this website on Google.

There is a complete guarantee that if you invest money in this, your money will definitely be lost. This company provides trade facility in Cryptocurrency. Let me tell you that the Cryptocurrency market has fallen by 90%.

Cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile market in which there is no guarantee of money growth. Many people have lost their money in this market.

If you check Immediate Urex 2.0 on ScamAdvisor website, you will find its trust score is 17 out of 100. The trust score of this website is very low. This proves that this is a fake website.

What is Immediate Urex 2.0?

It is an AI technology based Cryptocurrency trading platform. When you register on this platform, you get a call on your phone in which you are told about Cryptocurrency trading.

These people claim to provide a software in which it is told that the software will do trading with the help of AI and will make you profit. Till now no information has been received about this software whether it is genuine or fake.

There are no reviews available on the internet about this software. This platform is completely new, apart from this, many new platforms are also being launched under the name Immediate which are completely similar.

If this company was really real then it could have provided service from one platform also, but having different platforms proves that it is a fake platform.

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