How to Use elevator in nusa bgmi ?

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Are you having trouble using the elevator in BGMI Nusa Map? In BGMI’s Nusa Map, there is an elevator installed in the building through which you can go to any Floor.

Some people are facing difficulty in using the elevator and they do not know how to use the elevator. If you want to know how to use elevator in BGMI then read this post completely.

Elevator in nusa bgmi

In BGMI’s Nusa Map, there is a tall building in Telepak Town which has elevators. If you use those elevators, you can go to any floor.

To use the elevator, one has to click on the up or down button, after which the floor to which one has to go has to be selected. Suppose you want to go to the 5th floor, then you have to click on 5. After this you will reach the 5th floor.

Similarly, if you are on the fifth floor and you want to go to the first floor, then you have to click on down and then click on 1. After this, when you reach the first floor, you can use the elevator.

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