Review : Happy Tube Legit or Not ? Revealed

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Do you want to know whether Happy Tube is a legit app or not? Happy Tube App is becoming increasingly viral among people. Many people are also earning money from this app.

In this post I am going to talk about Happy Tube only, if you want to know whether Happy Tube App is real or fake then read this post.

What is Happy Tube App?

Happy Tube App is a short video streaming app. In this app you can earn money by watching short videos. When you watch short videos in this, you get money. There is also an option to withdraw the money earned in this app.

In this app you can earn money by playing games and also by watching videos. This app has received 1 million downloads on Play Store. Right now this app is not launched properly on Play Store.

This app is currently available in Early Access mode on Play Store, that is, it has not been officially launched on Play Store yet. If you download this, you will also see the option to withdraw money.

Happy Tube Legit or Not?

Happy Tube App is not a Legit App, it is a fake app and no one can earn money from this app. I have already told about this type of app in my post.

When you download Happy Tube on your phone, then when you watch videos on this app on your phone, you get coins. You start making money by using this type of app.

When you click to withdraw money, you are asked for money in the name of platform fees. Many people give money due to greed and then they get cheated.

Just think for yourself, if this app was real then it could have deducted money from your earned money and sent it to you but it did not happen.

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