Guru trade 7 real or fake ? Complete Review

Trading is a medium through which anyone can become rich sitting at home in a short time. Understanding this, many fake companies are launching their fake trading apps. Many influencers are also promoting these fake trading apps vigorously for money.

In this article, we are going to tell you about one such fake trading app which is currently in discussion among the people. The name of this trading app is “Guru trade 7”. There is a question in the mind of many people that Guru trade 7 real or fake? If you also want to know the truth about Guru trade 7 then read the complete article.

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About Gurutrade 7

Guru trade 7 is known as a Trading App. It has a rating of 3.9 on the Google Play Store and has more than 10 million downloads.

Guru trade 7 gives facility to trade in Gold, Silver, USD, EUR, USD etc. Demo account and real account are available for trading in this app. Demo account has virtual money of Rs.10,000.

When you learn trading from demo account, then you can start trading by investing real money in real account. Trading in this is very easy. To start trading, you have to deposit money first.

After depositing money you have to guess whether the graph will go up or down. If you think that the graph will go up, then you have to click on Call. If you think the graph will go down, then you have to click on PUT.

After this if your guess turns out to be correct then you will win the money. The winning money is reflected in your main balance. Let us now know whether this app is real or fake?

Guru trade 7 Real or fake ?

Guru trade 7 is a fake trading app. No one can earn money by trading in this app. If you want to know why Guru trade 7 is a fake app, then I will tell you that here also. There is not one but many reasons for Guru trade 7 App being fake. Let’s know how Guru trade 7 App is fake?

1.Not Verifying Account – When you create an account in this app, your email is also not verified. Full KYC is done while creating an account in a real trading app but it is not so in this one.

2.SEBI Registered – A real trading app is registered with SEBI but this app is not registered with SEBI. This app neither has any registered number nor any other number.

3.Fake Graph – The graph of this app is completely fake. The graph moves very quickly but when we compare this graph with the graph of Trading View, the truth will be known.

4.Fake Trading – Trading in this app is completely fake. In this you are shown profit fake. The purpose of this app is only to fool you and loot money.

5.All Assets in One App: In this app you will see assets like stock, gold, silver and currency etc. whereas in a real app it is not possible to have all the assets together.

You must have understood from all these things that why this app is fake? In a real trading app, live data of buying and selling of assets is visible. Live data of buying and selling of stocks is clearly visible in Zerodha, Angel One, Groww and Upstox because it is a real trading app.

If you want to earn money from real trading app then I would advise you to open an account in Zerodha. You can read the post and open an account by searching “Zerodha Account Opening” on this website.

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Conclusion – Hope you have understood whether Guru trade 7 is real or fake. Apart from Guru trade 7, Bric Trade App, Olymp Trade, Rubik Trade, TT Trade App are also fake trading apps. I have already written a post about all these, you can read them by clicking on the link above.

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