Gridbots Earning App Real or Fake

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Do you want to know Gridbots App is Real or Fake? Everyone in India wants to earn money online. In such a situation, if such a way is found in which money can be earned at home, then how good it would be.

Gridbots is one such app that claims to earn money sitting at home, but the question is, can money really be earned from this app? Is Gridbots App a Legit App?

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About Gridbots Earning App

Gridbots App is an Earn Money App. In this app it is claimed that you can earn money for free. The way to earn money from this app has been described as very simple.

There are 8 types of online products in this app. The first product is free in this and from that you can earn for free. To earn, you have to buy a free product, after that you will start earning Rs.12 daily.

In this way you can easily earn money without doing anything. It is to be noted here that to earn you just have to buy the product and after that your earning will start automatically.

If you want to earn more in a day, then you can buy its Paid Product. It has 8 products and all the products have different prices. To earn more, one has to buy more expensive products.

If we talk about the second number product, then its price is Rs.460, after buying it you will start earning Rs.60 per day and Rs.2100 per month.

Here, consider its product like a subscription plan, that is, when you buy a product in it, it means that you buy its subscription plan.

In this way, it has 8 types of subscription plans, in which the first subscription plan is absolutely free and no money has to be paid to take it.

Its costliest product is Rs 48,600, after taking which you will earn Rs 13,886 daily and the total earning will be Rs 4 lakh 86 thousand 24.

How to create account in Gridbots App?

  • Open the app after downloading it
  • Click on Signup
  • Enter your mobile number and click on send
  • Enter Verification Code
  • enter your password
  • Enter Gridbots Invitation Code : 234872
  • Click on Sign up

Boom, your account has been created.

How to earn money from Gridbots App?

This app has been told about earning money in three ways.

1.By Daily Check-in: You can earn Rs.8 by daily check-in.

2. By renting the product: You can earn without doing anything by renting its product.

3. By Referral: You can earn up to Rs.10,000 by referring this app to others. In this, when you refer someone and he takes its product on lease, you get 100 rupees.

How to withdraw earned money from Gridbots App?

  • Minimum Withdrawal : 203 Rs.
  • Withdrawal Time : 10:00 – 18:00
  • Withdrawal Avaible : One Per Day
  • Withdrawal Tax : 10%

There must be a bank account to withdraw the money earned from Gridbots App. You can transfer your money directly to the bank. When you have 230 rupees, you can transfer them.

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Gridbots App Real or Fake ?

Gridbots App is a Fake App? There is not one but many reasons for this. I have reviewed many apps like this before, some of them are Jawa Eye App, MX Trade App and Dokodemo. All these apps initially look just like the real app but later run away after looting the money.

If you search Gridbots on Google then you will see a website of gridbots technologies pvt ltd and these apps are also told of this company. If you go to about of this app, then you will get the mention of this company.

But this app does not belong to this company. Nowadays, many fraud companies launch apps in the name of popular companies, so that people think that this app is real, but in reality it is not the app of that company.

Here I tell you 5 such reasons by which you will understand that Gridbots App is a fake app.

1.Fake Name – Gridbots technologies pvt ltd Company has no app. If you go to its website, you will see that no apps have been mentioned on its website.

Even if this company launches an App, it will not be an Earning App at all because Gridbots is a Real Company.

2. Product – In this app, the subscription plan has been given the name of the product, that is, when you buy a product, your earnings will start, this app says.

3. Business Model – To earn money from this app, you just have to take its product on lease, after that your earning will start, but it did not tell how earning will start after buying the product?

Where will this money come from? Will she give this money from her own money? If you give from your own, then from where will you give and then how will this app earn money? I don’t understand the business model of this app

4. KYC Complete : It is mandatory to complete KYC in all the money earning apps, but it is not so in this app, it means this app is fake.

5. Customer Support :No customer support has been given in this app, it shows that this app is completely fake and no one can earn from it.

Hope friends, you must have understood that Gridbots App is Real or Fake? There is no business model of Gridbots App, so that we can understand how this app works and how it will earn us money?

If you really want to earn money from online apps, then I would recommend that you try Opinion Trading. For more information about Opinion Trading search Opinion Trading on this website.

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  1. this is totally fake and its take money from you. this hack you paytm, googlepay, phonepay and UPI. please delete this app .

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