GreenPista is a Real app and you can earn money by selling notes

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You must be knowing about Green Pista App. Information has been received about this app that you can earn money by selling special notes in this app. Many people have a question whether this app is real or a fake app?

Can money really be earned from this app? Does this app really give money or is all this false? Friends, you cannot sell any note in GreenPista App.

In this app, a category of special note is pre-selected. When you scan your note in this app, this app scans your note accordingly. If your note is a special note according to GreenPista then it will ask to list it.

Your note may be a special note for several reasons. If someone’s birthday or any special date is coming in your note then it is eligible to be listed otherwise not.

Is GreenPista real or fake app?

Right now this app is new in the market, so clearly this app cannot be called real or fake, although this app looks like a real app. As far as I have used this app, I feel that this app is a real app.

This company has all the qualities that make it a real company. The rating of this app on Google Play Store is 3.3. The biggest reason for such a low rating is the app not working properly.

This app is still new and there are many bugs in it due to which this app does not work properly and you may face problems in this app. Following are the reasons why this app is genuine.

  1. Value Note Scan – If this app was fake then it would scan all types of notes and take money from them, but this app scans only special notes and takes money for listing them.
  2. Social Media presence – This company has accounts on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Linkedin, which proves that the company is serious about its progress.
  3. ScamAdvisor Rating – ScamAdvisor has given this website a rating of 52 out of 100 which means the website may or may not be suspicious.

Negative Points of GreenPista App

  1. Not Opening – This app takes a lot of time to open after downloading, this shows that there are many bugs in this app.
  2. App Crash – This app crashes again and again in the phones of many people due to which people face a lot of difficulty in using this app.
  3. Withdraw Money – There is no option to withdraw money in it, which proves that this app can be a fraud.

Conclusion – The GreenPista app is still new and has a lot of shortcomings. There is nothing clear in it, this proves that this app can be fake. What I am saying is that you should not invest any money in this right now.

When this app starts working properly, you can list and sell your notes. If you invest money in this app in a hurry then it is possible that you may get scammed.

By Akak

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