where to enter referral code in gpay – 7V1KW, Get 21 Rs

Google Pay is a very good UPI Payment App. Through this article, we are going to give you all the information about google pay referral code 2023.

Google Pay Referral Code 2023 – 7V1KW

Refer Code plays a very good role in GPay, when you enter someone’s Refer Code, you get money which is directly transferred to your bank account.

According to the time, on a particular occasion, Google Pay increases the money received on Refer, if we talk about this time, then on entering the Refer Code, you will get Rs 21, that too in a direct bank account.

If you want to know what is google Pay Refer Code? and where to put Refer Code in Google Pay then read this post carefully?

Information about Google Pay Referral Code 2023

How to use Google Pay referral code: By using Google Pay referral code, you can get 21 rupees for free, that too directly in the bank account.

Let me tell you that at the time of creating an account in Google Pay App, you are giving 21 rupees for free on entering the Referral Code, although you will get this money only after doing the first transaction.

That is, when you create your account in Google Pay by entering the Referral code and make your first payment, then you get Rs 21, which is deposited in your bank account.

You can make the first payment of any amount, you can also make a payment of 1 rupee. You can send Rs 1 to someone and receive Rs 21.

where to enter referral code in gpay ?

When you create your account in Google Pay, you have to enter Referral Code to get Sign UP Bonus. You can learn to enter Refer Code by following the steps given below.

Step 1 – After downloading the google Pay app, open it and select your language

Step 2 – Enter your mobile number which is linked with your bank account and click on Next Button

Step 3 – Verification code will be sent to the entered mobile number and your account will be automatically verified, after that click on Next button. Now set your Screen Lock in your GPay. You can also set lock by entering 4 number pin. Code is more important.

Step 4 – To enter the Referral Code, click on the three dots on the top right and click on the Referral Code. After this fill in the blank 7V1KW

In this way you can enter the referral code. To get 21 rupees sign up by entering the referral code, transaction has to be done, you can also transaction of one rupee.

To make payment in Google Pay, you have to add a bank account, only after that you will be able to transact money. Your bank must be linked to the registered mobile number to add a bank account

An SMS goes to the bank from the registered mobile number and your bank account gets verified, after which the bank account gets added to Google Pay.

Google Pay is UPI based app, so the entire transaction of money will be done from your account, that means money will be deducted from your account and will come to your account only.

Google pay Referral code terms and conditions

Referral code has some terms and conditions, on the same basis you get the reward. Terms and conditions are something like this.

1.You will get the reward only after entering the Referral code of the new user.

2.Transaction of at least one rupee will have to be done after entering the referral code.

3. If you have already made a transaction by creating an account in Google Pay, then you will not get the Referral code reward.

Last word – I hope you have understood this post written on Google Pay Referral Code 2023 very well. Keep visiting the blog for similar posts.

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