Review : Is Funngro App is real or fake (Revealed)

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Funngro App has been created for teenagers so that they can manage their expenses. People have questions whether Funngro App is a real app or fake.

In this article we are going to review Funngro App if you want to know whether Funngro App is real or fake? Does it really pay? So read this post completely.

Information about Funngro App

Funngro App is Earn Money App for Teenager. If your age is between 18 to 22 years then you can earn money by creating an account in Funngro App.

There are many ways to earn money given in it.

Toffee – It has many different apps. There is different money for different apps. In this, you have to download the app and create an account after which you get the money.

Company Work – Company work is also present in this. You can earn money by completing projects like Graphic Design, Social Media Graphics & Reels Content Creations, Photoshop Image editing, Video Editing, Social Media Handles etc.

One gets very good money for completing the company’s projects.

Funngro App Download

You can download this app by clicking on the link given below.

Funngro App Download

Funngro App Review

Very good money is being given on company projects in Funngro App. If you have skill then you can earn good money from this app.

Company Project

This app claims that it has projects from big companies, by completing which teenagers can earn good money.

The truth of this app is that the company’s projects available in it are hardly able to be completed by teenagers. Whatever projects are given in this app, one should have good experience to complete the project.

Nowadays the company does not like to hire freshers but most of the people in this app are freshers and they do not have any working experience.

In this app, such projects like Social Media Graphics & Reels, Graphic Design, Graphic Designer, Photoshop Image Editing etc. are given in which there is a lot of competition in today’s time.

In such a situation, it is useless to expect a teenager to be able to complete these projects. To complete these projects, you should have good experience, otherwise you will make mistakes again and again due to which the company will stop giving you work.

If you have talent then you can earn money by completing company projects. In this, many people have said that they will not get money after completing the company project.


Skill base courses like Social Media Marketing, Content Creation Skills, Sales Masterclass, App & Website Development Course, Photoshop Course, Video Creation, SEO etc. are available in this app.

The fees of these courses are between Rs 299 to Rs 599, which is much less than the market price and any teenager can easily afford this course.

This course is available on YouTube for free in Hindi and English language but many people have difficulty in learning from YouTube and this question remains in their mind whether whatever they are learning will really be useful or not.

Here you will learn skills by paying money but you will still not get the experience of working. The market value of these courses is very high but this company is charging very little money from you, which clearly means that it will not teach you properly.

I believe that even if you learn any skill from these courses, you will not be able to complete the company project because to complete the company project, experience is required which comes after working for years in the company. .

Refer and Earn

Refer and Earn program is also provided in this app through which you can earn money by referring others. In this, if you refer others, you will get 5% of their earnings.

Funngro App Real or Fake

Funngro App is a genuine app and the company has also appeared in the famous reality TV show “Shark Tank India”. This app gives money on completing Toffee project.

In this, many people have complained that the company has not given them money after completing the project. The biggest problem of this app is that all the company projects given in it are professional and only an experienced person can do it.

In this way this app is of no use for teenagers. As far as we believe, teenagers cannot earn much money by working on this app.

Reality of Funngro App

To earn more money in Funngro App, you should have some skill and also have working experience. Whatever company project is present in this app, there will be growth in the coming time, however with time the competition will also increase a lot.

This app also provides skill base courses which will help in earning money from this app but there is no guarantee whether you will be able to earn money by doing these courses or not.

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