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You must have heard the name of Freeup. This is such a platform where you can earn money by selling your old stuff, apart from this you can also buy things at a cheap price. If you are going to create an account in this app, then you can get 300 coins for free by using Freeup Invite Code: EGFzq.

We all have a lot of old stuff in our house like clothes, handicap electronic, home decor, etc. We do not need these stuff, we can sell such stuff through Freeup App and earn money.

Let us know in detail about Freeup App, what is Freeup App? How to use Freeup Invite Code? complete information

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What is Freeup App?

Freeup is such a platform where we can earn money by selling our old and new goods and also buy things at cheap prices. With the help of Freeup app, you can sell clothes, handicap, home decor, electronic, kid items etc.

With the help of Freeup app, it is very easy to sell your goods all over India. You have to click the photo of whatever item you want to sell, then fill all its information in the Freeup App, as well as write the price you want to sell.

After this the buyer will order your goods. As soon as you get the order, you have to pack the goods and fill the buyer’s address in it, after that the delivery partners of Freeup App will take your goods from you and deliver them to the buyer. After this your money will be transferred to your bank

Freeup App Invite Code

Invite Code in Freeup App is a 5 letter unique code using which 300 Coin Free Sign up Bonus can be obtained in Freeup App. When you register by entering the mobile number in the Freeup App, then there is a place to enter the Invite Code.

You have to fill the Invite Code at the right place and click on the OK button, after which you will get 300 Coin Free Sign up Bonus along with this you get 500 Coin Extra. In the photo you can see where to enter the Invite Code.

How to use Freeup Coin?

You can use Freeup Coin in your works

  1. Can be used for shopping
  2. Avail discount vouchers from 300+ popular brands
  3. get free product
  4. can be used to boost your items
  5. You can convert coins into cash.

How to use Freeup Coin for shopping?

Up to 800 Coins are available as Signup Bonus in Freeup Coin, you can use it for shopping in Freeup App.

Women, Kids, Beauty, Home, Men Electronics, Tickets, Sports etc. are found in the Freeup App, similar to the category, you can buy these items using free coins.

How to get discount vouchers of popular brands using Freeup Coin?

Freeup App has vouchers of brands like Amazon, Nykaa, Jio, VI, Myntra, Swiggy, Airtel etc. You can do shopping by buying vouchers at a lower price using Freeup Coin.

You can get Amazon voucher worth Rs.1000 for just Rs.980 by spending 99 coins. Similarly, you can get discount on vouchers of other brands as well.

How to get free product from Freeup Coin?

You can get free products from Freeup Coin. Many products are available for free samples in the app, you can order these products and get them at home. This product is absolutely free however you have to pay delivery charge of Rs.49 and protection fee of 3.5% (Rs.10 – Rs.50).

How to convert coin to cash?

You can convert into cash by selling Freeup Coin. Suppose you have 1000 Freeup Coin, then you can place an order to sell these coins. Like you can put the price of 1000 Freeup Coin from 100 to 200 rupees.

If someone wants to buy a coin, then he will buy the coin by paying. In this way you will get money and he will get coins cheaply. You have to sell the coin cheaper than its real value only then someone will buy the coin from you. Let me tell you that the value of 5 Freeup Coins is equal to 1 rupee, that is, the value of 1000 coins is 200 rupees.

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Freeup App Refer And Earn

According to Freeup App Refer And Earn program, you can earn Freeup coin by referring Freeup App to someone. You and your friend get 300 coins on every refer in this app. In this your friend will get the coins immediately when he creates the account

When you refer someone and he buys something by creating an account in Freeup App with your invite link or invite code, you will get 100 coins, after that when he sells something, you will get 200 more coins, in this way you will have 300 coins.

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