Which Game is Best PUBG or Free Fire 2023

If you play PUBG or Free Fire, then this question must have come in your mind that Which Game is Best PUBG or Free Fire. Those who play Free Fire feel that their game is the best and this is the thinking of those who play PUBG.

Free Fire vs Pubg” This thing is not new and this debate has been going on for a long time that which game is the best among the two? And why. In this article, I am going to explain all the information on Free Fire vs Pubg in detail and I am sure that after this article you will understand very well that which game is the best.

Which Game is Best PUBG or Free Fire ?

Friends, to know which game is better in both, we will consider various aspects and on the basis of that we will conclude that which game is the best.

About Game

Both Free Fire and PUBG are battle royale games, in both games you have to land on an island and kill your enemies. On one hand, where there are 50 players in Free Fire, the number of players in PUBG is 100. Having more players will allow you to kill more enemies and play the game longer

Game Size

Talking about the size of both the games, the size of the Free Fire game remains around 700 MB, while the size of PUBG Mobile is twice the size of the Free Fire game, up to 1.54 GB.

Due to the low size of Free Fire, it runs smoothly on phones with low RAM and storage, while playing PUBG Mobile requires more RAM and storage.


The graphics of both the games are very good and although the graphics of PUBG seems more real, while the graphics of Free Fire are also very good, but due to the larger size, the graphics of PUBG are better.

pubg mobile graphics
Free Fire Game graphics

Character Power

Many characters are given in pubg all are normal characters you can choose any character to play whereas in free fire you are given 2 characters free initially for rest of the character you have to buy them

In Free Fire, all the characters have their own power, which they take advantage of in the game, whereas in PUBG, no character has any power.

Car shooting

In PUBG you are sitting in the car and your fellow player is driving then you can shoot while sitting in the car whereas in Free Fire you cannot do this because the enemy can destroy your car.

Third eye

There is also a third eye option in PUBG to see the player forward and backward. With this eye, you can look around you even while moving forward, whereas in Free Fire there is no option for the third eye, if you want to look back, you will have to turn back.

Jump The Plane

On jumping from the plane, things like skate board and flying jet have been given in Free Fire, while only parachute has been given in PUBG and it is visible there while jumping.


Very good vehicles have been given in both the games. On one hand, in Pabji, where an attempt has been made to show the vehicles absolutely realistic, on the other hand, the vehicles of Free Fire look a bit advanced.


Controls have been given in both the games according to the need, although more controls have been given in PUBG, so that you can do more things. Below you can see the controls of both the games.


There is only one throwbles in free fire and that is grenade whereas in pubg there are four types of throwballs which include frag, smoke, stun and molotov cocktail.

With Smoke, you can spread smoke and hide from others while reviving an injured partner. The Molotov cocktail is a bottle of petrol which, when thrown, catches fire at that place. Using a stun causes a flash, after which the enemy’s eyes can’t see anything and you escape.

Device Requirements

The size of Free Fire Game is up to 700 MB which can be easily played even in phones with 2 GB RAM while PUBG Mobile can be played in phones with more than 3 GB RAM.


There are very good emotes in both the games, on one hand, where the emote in Free Fire can do unrealistic things, while the emote given in PUBG does activities like a normal person.


There are many pets in Free Fire, which include birds, dragons, cats, pandas, dogs, aliens, raccoons, etc. All of them keep hovering back and forth in the game, while the most famous in PUBG is Falcon Pet.

No Of Weapon

In pubg you can keep 2 guns and you can change when needed whereas in free fire you can keep 4 guns and you can change all four according to your need.

Message Sound

There is no sound on giving any message during the game in Free Fire, whereas in Pubg or Pubg Lite, there is a message sound like if you click on Help, then Help sound will be heard by all your teammates.

Real Difference

Now I am going to tell you about the real difference between both the games, knowing which you will understand what are the differences between the two games.

Friends, an attempt has been made to make the PUBG game absolutely real, every effort has been made in the game to make it such that a real person can do its movement, the way of walking, the way of running, the way of throwing bombs, everything.

Even if you look at the emotes, they are also made in such a way that a real person can do their actions, whether it is any type of dance or any other movement.

On the other hand, if we talk about Free Fire, then in this the character is made like an animated character, even their emotions do things that a common man cannot do, such as the arrival of a car, the arrival of a chair, the playing of music. And so on

You have to jump a lot in Free Fire and I did not like this much, apart from this, you cannot quickly move the screen left or right like in Free Fire.

Due to these few reasons, a pubg player does not like the free fire game much, but a free fire player can definitely like the pubg game.

Final word – Free Fire and PUBG both games are best. When we already start playing a game, we get emotionally attached to it.

That’s why those who play free fire game may like pubg, but free fire will be best for them, while talking about pubg players, they may like free fire game less in the beginning, but pubg will be the best game for them.

According to the Google Play Store, the Free Fire game came before PUBG for mobile players and Free Fire runs smoothly on low devices, probably because of this, its downloading is more than PUBG in the Play Store.

I hope you must have understood which game is best Free Fire and PUBG. How did you like this post written on Free Fire vs Pubg? Please tell by commenting.

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