Is online Shopping real or fake ?

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Do you want to know Is online Shopping real or fake? Website has been in discussion among people for a long time. On this website, beautiful lehengas are being sold for just Rs.96, sarees for Rs.78, beautiful kurtis for Rs.69, salwar suits for Rs.88.

Many people believe that this website is fake, so is this website really fake? Will our money be lost if we shop with it or will we get that item? I have done detailed research on this website, on the basis of which I am going to tell you all the things.

What is Online Shopping? is Online Shopping Website. Goods are seen being sold on this website at very low prices. Talking about clothes, very beautiful clothes like lehnga Choli, Salwar Suit, Sarees, Kurti etc will be seen on this site.

The price of branded clothes present on this website is less than 100 rupees. When you buy any product in it, there is no option to make online payment in it.

In this, only cash on delivery facility has been given, that means you have to pay only when the product reaches you. After shopping, an order confirmation email comes on your email, in which the details of the product are also given.

The website looks very real and the way of shopping in it is also similar to the rest of the shopping website, but is it really a real website? Let’s know.

Fitcrafty online shopping app download

No official app of Fitcrafty online shopping website has been launched yet, so you cannot download its app. online Shopping real or Fake is a Fake website. Whatever product is present in it, it is never delivered to your home after purchasing the product. This website may look like a shopping website, but none of the products present in it are real.

Actually is a demo website, it is not an online store. The creator of the website has prepared the website by putting the photo and price of the product, but he does not have any such product.

Today it is easy to make a website like this. This type of website can be made by stealing the photo of the product from any other shopping website. Here I will tell 5 reasons by which you will understand how this website is fake?

1.No option of online payment

When you shop on this website, there is no option of online payment. This happens because the owner of the website does not want you to pay online, so he does not keep the option of offline payment so that neither you will pay nor any product will ever be delivered to your home.

2.Customer Reviews: Many people have called this website fake in Quora and Youtube. He says that whatever he ordered from this website was never delivered to his house. There is a customer rating and public review on any product of this website.

3. Reputation : The reputation of this website is absolutely zero because it does not have a social media presence. A real brand definitely has a social media account but it does not have an account in any social media.

4. Ads – Google’s ads are seen on this website. Google’s ads are not seen in a real shopping website, because the company would never want that due to useless ads, someone should face problems in shopping and its product should not be sold.

5. Low Information – Complete information about any product has not been given on this website, it shows that this website is completely fake and no product can be delivered.

Purpose of Website

Looking at the antics of this website, it seems that the purpose of this website is not to sell you goods at cheap prices, so the question is, what is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to earn money by making people crazy. Google’s ads run on this website, which earns it. According to Similar web, millions of people visit this website daily.

In this, all people come to this website and also see Google’s ads, due to which this website earns. Now you must have understood how this website earns money. This website does not do fraud directly, if it had done so, it would have stopped soon.

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