Fiewin App Games | Top 7 Fiewin Games To Play And Earn

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The popularity of Fiewin app is increasing among people who wish to make money online. That’s because Fiewin app is providing you the opportunity to earn money by playing games.

As you proceed with Fiewin APK download, you will get the interest to understand what games are available on Fiewin.

To make your life easy, we will be sharing a list of top 7 games that you can find within the Fiewin app as of now. You can gain access to all these games upon Fiewin login.

1. Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a classic game that all of us are familiar with. This game is available on Fiewin. In fact, Minesweeper is one of the main reasons on why people prefer to go ahead with Fiewin app download, as it never gets boring.

You should first pick a bet to play Minesweeper. Then you will need to continue selecting the boxes without mines. In the meantime, you should also label the boxes that have mines.

2. Fast Parity

Fast Parity is a prediction Fiewin game that involves colors. You should place a bid before you can start playing the game.

Upon placing the bet, you can find three different colors appearing on your gameplay view, which include violet, green, and red. You will need to pick one color out of them.

Then you will have a total of 27 seconds to predict the color, which is followed by 3 seconds for displaying the results. In case if the color that you predicted comes, you will be able to end up with winning. Otherwise, you will be losing your bet.

3. Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is quite a popular card game. You can access this game with Fiewin register as well. You will need to place a bet as usual to start playing this game. Then you can see a hole card in the screen.

Next, you need to pick in between Andar or Bahar. For this, you will be getting 30 minutes. After that, you can get the cards to be dealt. In case if the hole card displays Andar or Bahar based on your prediction, you will win

4. Dice

After placing a bet, you will have to predict a number in between 1 and 100. Then you will be getting 45 seconds where you can order dice.

The results will be shown within the next 15 seconds. In case if the number you predict comes out, you will be able to end up with winning the bet.

5. Crash

Crash is one of the most interesting games that you can find on Fiewin. After placing the game, you will have to navigate your spacecraft without crashing. You will also be able to find a multiplayer version of this game

6. Circle

Circle is among the newest games that you can see in Fiewin. The game duration would be 30 seconds. During that time period, you will be seeing three animals, three colors, and one crown along with 38 numbers. You will need to predict one of them. Correct predictions will help you to win.

7. Hilo

Hilo is a card game available within the Fiewin app. You need to pick a bet before you proceed with playing Hilo. Then you can see a hole card.

After that, you will need to predict whether the next card you can see is higher than what you have or lower. Based on the prediction, you can win.

Final words

As you can see, some of the most interesting games that you can find out there are available on Fiewin. Sign up with Fiewin, play these games, and earn money!

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