Review : Fenares Trading is Real or Fake ?

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Do you want to know whether Fenares Trading Platform is real or fake?

There are many trading platforms available on the internet. Some trading platforms are completely fake. In recent times, trading platform is becoming increasingly popular among the people.

Now the question is whether we can earn money from this trading platform? Should we trade in Fenares? Is Fenares a real platform for trading?

About is a Crypto trading platform, that is, you can trade in Cryptocurrency here. This platform is still new although many cryptocurrency trading platforms are already present in the market.

For trading on this platform, all those features which are present in the normal trading platform are provided. To trade on this platform, you have to deposit at least 0.002318 BTC (Rs 8317.88).

If you deposit less BTC than this, your money will not be added and you may suffer loss, therefore if you are going to deposit money for trading on this website then you will have to deposit more than 0.002318 BTC i.e. Rs 8317.88.

Bank account or UPI option is not provided to deposit money in In this you can deposit money only in the form of BTC, ERC -20, BEP – 20. If you deposit money in any other form, that money will not be added to it and you will suffer loss.

To deposit money, payment methods like MoonPay, Transak, Simplex, Mercuryo, Coingate, BANXA, bitpay, Changelly, Phemex are provided.

Fenares Trading App Download

If you want to download Fenares Trading App, then let me tell you that no official app has been launched yet. If you want to trade then you can do trading by creating an account on its website. is Real or Fake looks like a real platform, however, it does not mean that you should invest money in it. This platform is still new and good payment methods are not provided to invest money.

The biggest reason for this platform being real is the presence of KYC verification in it. KYC verification option is available in this trading platform. All the real trading platforms do KYC verification of their users.

Can money be earned from is not a money earning machine in that you can earn money without doing anything by creating an account in it. This is a general Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, that is, you can trade in Cryptocurrency here.

If you do not know about trading then let me tell you that there is a lot of risk in earning money from trading. By trading you can earn money very quickly or you can lose all your money.

In Cryptocurrency trading you buy and sell Cryptocurrency. Suppose you have bought Bitcoin with the understanding that its price will increase further but instead of increasing its price is decreasing, then your money will also decrease.

For your information, let me tell you that 90% of traders are in loss, so if you do not have any knowledge of trading then do not invest money in any platform other than this platform, otherwise you will suffer huge loss.

Fenares Refer and earn

Refer and earn program is also given in Fenares, which means you can earn money by referring others. When you create an account in it, you get your referral link and referral code.

By using referral link and referral code you can refer anyone and earn money. When you refer someone and he earns profit by trading in it, you will get 40% of that profit.

Conclusion – Fenares is a common Cryptocurrency trading platform. You can trade on this platform. If someone is telling you that by investing money in this you will start earning thousands and lakhs of rupees, then he is absolutely lying.

By Akak

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