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Fanclash App is an Esports Fantasy Platform. In this you can play tournaments of famous games and earn money. If you are going to create an account in this App, then you can get 35 Rs Discount Coupon by using Fanclash App Referral Code: 5BD31940.

You can use the money received from the referral code to play tournaments. Let us know how to use Referral Code in Fanclash App and how to get money? Before that, those people who do not know about Fanclash App, let me tell them what is Fanclash App?

AppFanclash App
CategoryE Sports Fantasy App
Referral Code5BD31940
Signup bonus35 Rs
Min. Withdrawal100 Rs

What is Fanclash App?

Fanclash App is an Esports Fantasy Platform where you can play Fantasy & Tournament of Esports like Free Fire, PUBG M, PUBG PC, New State, CSGO, Valorant, Dota 2, Pokemon Unite.

Here, probably everyone will not know about Esports Fantasy, then let me tell them that Esports Fantasy is similar to Sports Fantasy, but the difference between the two is that in Esports Fantasy, we can compete in Esports Contest (Free Fire, PUBG M, PUBG PC , New State etc) while Sports Contest (Crickt, Football, Hockey etc) is played in Sports Fantasy.

Simply put, the way you play Sports Contest by making a team in Dream11, in the same way you have to play Esports Contest by making a team in Fanclash App.

There are also Esports Tournaments in the Fanclash App. If you are a pro player in any game, then you can participate in the tournament and earn money. The entry fee of Free Fire Tournament in this app is zero rupees.

Esports keep on conducting championships from time to time, in which teams from different countries participate. In Fanclash App, you can create your own team by participating in the contest. If your team comes on number one rank then you will get money according to number one rank.

Hope you have understood a little bit that what is Fanclash App? And what happens in it? Let us now know how to use Referral Code in Fanclash App?

Fanclash App Referral Code

Referral Code in Fanclash App is a unique 8 digit code, using which you can get 35 rupees in Coupon. You can use this money to participate in the contest.

When you verify the mobile number to create an account in Fanclash App, then the place to enter the referral code will appear. You have to fill 5BD31940 instead of the referral code at the right place. After entering the referral code, you will get Rs.35 in the coupon code.

How To Create Account in Fanclash App ?

You must have a mobile number to create an account in this app. Follow the steps below to create an account

  1. Open the Fanclash App after downloading it
  2. Accept the terms and conditions then click on login with phone number
  3. Enter Mobile Number then click on continue
  4. Enter 5BD31940 instead of Enter Referral code

How to use Coupon?

You can get discount in the contest by using Coupon in Fanclash. Because you have received a discount coupon of Rs.35, you can participate in the contest for Rs.35 for free.

To use the coupon, first choose the contest and then make your team. After making the team, you will have to pay a fee to join the contest, for which you can use the coupon code.

Hope you have understood the information given about Fanclash App Referral Code : 5BD31940 very well. If you want to earn money by playing tournament, then you can read the post of BGMI and Free Tournament written by me.

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