Review : Fairy Synthesis Haven real or fake ?

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Do you want to know whether Fairy Synthesis Haven is real or fake? It has been just a few days since the Fairy Synthesis Haven app was launched and this app has become quite popular among the people.

This app has had one lakh downloads on Google Play Store. Some people say that this app is a real app and money can be earned from it and some people say that this app is a fake app.

Fairy Synthesis Haven Real or fake

Fairy Synthesis Haven is a Fake Gaming App and no one can earn money from it. This app is currently available on Play Store in early access mode, that is, this app has not been fully launched yet.

There is no option to withdraw money in this app. No app gives money to play games for free. Think for yourself why would any app give you money to play games for free? Does she have free money which she is distributing freely?

When you download and open this app, you will get the option to play games, then when you play games and perform well, you get money.

In this, both rupees and coins are available, when you click to withdraw the rupees, they do not come out. There is no option given to withdraw the earned money in this app.

Reason Why Fairy Synthesis Haven is Fake app

  • Not Launched in Play store
  • Gaming App
  • No business Model
  • Advertisment
  • No Review
  • No Proof

What is Fairy Synthesis Haven App?

This is a gaming app. You can play games on this app. Many people are earning money by playing games in this app but the truth is that you cannot earn money from this app.

Playing games in this app is quite easy. There are many trees in this game. Every tree has a number written on it. You have to combine trees with similar numbers. When trees with the same number merge, you get a point.

In this way, in the game you have to combine trees with the same number and you can play the game. This app is currently in development mode on Play Store, that is, this app has not been launched properly on Play Store yet.

This type of app is already present on Google Play Store and many people have become victims of scams of these apps. If you downloaded this app to earn money then this app is of no use to you.

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