Explosion earning Real or Fake ? Can We Earn Money From This App ?

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Explosion is an MLM company. Here you can earn money by getting others to join. The joining fee of this platform is Rs 4,500, although now you can join it for free.

Here I am going to give all the information about Explosion earning company. If you want to know whether Explosion earning company is real or fake, then here I am going to tell you about it.

Compny NameExplosion earning
Website URLhttps://www.explosionearning.com/
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@EXPLOSIONEARNING
Sponser IDEXPE2563792

About Explosion earning Company

This is an MLM platform. You can earn in four ways in this platform. In this you can earn from Ad View, earn directly, earn from Level and can also earn by getting rewards.

This company is still new so you cannot withdraw your money from it yet. In this you can withdraw money after January 13, 2024. In this you can earn in four ways.

  1. Ad View Income – In this you can earn Rs 225 by watching ads daily.
  2. Direct Income – In this you can earn Rs 450 by getting others to join.
  3. Level Income – In this you can earn up to 4 levels.
  4. Rewards – When you do good, you will get rewards which will earn you money.

Explosion earning Sponser ID

To join this company it is necessary to have Sponsor ID. If you do not have Sponsor ID then you cannot join this company. You can use the Sponsor ID given below.

Explosion earning Sponser ID : EXPE2563792

Reality of Explosion earning

Explosion earning is still new and it has not been long since it was launched. Many companies similar to the business model of this company are already present in the market. There are already many such companies present in the market which are providing services like Explosion earning.

Recently a similar company has been launched and its interface is also similar to Explosion earning. The name of that company is RBM Marketing. RBM Marketing and Explosion earning are exactly the same company.

The only difference between these two companies is that RBM Marketing company is giving Rs 125 per Ad view whereas Explosion earning is giving Rs 225 per Ad view.

The website design of both these companies is exactly the same. It is possible that both these companies have the same owner. The truth of Explosion earning is that it is an MLM company.

Such companies, by giving people the dream of earning money, charge a huge amount of money in the name of joining fees. If this company really provides employment to people then it would never ask for so much money.

This is an MLM company, it means that you will earn money for the company by working day and night and the company will give you a small part of that money. If you pay Rs 4,500 to this company as joining fee, then you will have to refer 10 people to recover this money.

In this way the company will earn money from you and then it will also earn money from the 10 people you have referred. In this way the company will keep earning money by fooling you and you will keep working like a donkey.

Reality of Ad view Income

Many people will say that this company is paying Rs. 225 for watching the ad, which is very high. Let me tell you that when withdrawal will start in this company, you will not be able to withdraw money without joining it.

When you go to withdraw money, it will first ask you to pay the joining fee of Rs 4,500. If you do not pay the joining fee of Rs 4,500 then you will not be able to withdraw your money.

Even if you pay a joining fee of Rs 4,500, there is no guarantee that it will transfer the money to your bank account. If it was a genuine company then it could have transferred our money to the bank without joining fees but it did not do so.

Even if you pay joining fee and earn Rs 6,750 by watching ads for 30 days, this company will not give you your money by making some excuse or the other.

Explosion earning Real or Fake

As I have already told that this company is an MLM company. The government has banned MLM Scheme and Pyramid Scheme. If any company is doing this kind of business then it is a complete scam.

Explosion earning company is looting money from people by showing them dreams of earning money and people are also joining it without thinking. In my view this is a fake company and you should not invest money in any such company.


Is Explosion earning MLM company?

Yes, this is an MLM company and you can earn up to 5 levels by getting others to join here. The fee to join it is Rs 4,500.

Is joining Explosion earning free till 13th January?

Yes, Explosion earning company says that if you join this company before 13th January then you do not have to pay joining fees.

Is Explosion earning a real company or a fake company?

Explosion earning is a Fake MLM company. This type of company is already present in the market. Let me tell you, MLM is banned in India but people are wrongly promoting MLM by finding loop holes in the law.

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  1. Totally madarchood and fraud company. They only loot the customer.
    I have 128000 in my waet but at withdrawal time they ask me to pay otherwise my I’d will be blocked.
    So we have leave them and not give any amount. They are basterd and her own sisterfucker. Totally fraud guy…

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