Exchange 22 App Full Information (Sports ka Stock Market)

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Exchange22 App Full Information :- At present, several Fantasy Applications have emerged, including the one you are probably using if you’re reading this post. Typically, in a fantasy app, you are required to select a team of 11 players. If your chosen players perform well, you can potentially earn a considerable amount of money.

However, if they don’t, you might not even get your entry fee back. If you have experienced significant losses while playing these games, it might be best to stop since it is challenging to select 11 players out of 22 who will perform the best during a match.

Success in these games largely depends on luck. While predicting the performance of one or two players is feasible, it is extremely difficult to do so for all 11 players.

In this blog post, we will discuss the Exchange 22 app, which is a Fantasy app that allows you to earn a considerable amount of money if you play well. We will provide you with all information about what Exchange 22 app is and how to use it.

What is Exchange 22 app ?

Exchange22 is an exceptional fantasy application that operates similarly to a stock market. Just as you would trade shares of companies in a stock market, you can purchase and sell cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball players in Exchange22.

By engaging in this sports trading game, also known as Sports Ka Stock Market, you have the opportunity to earn money. Exchange22 has sponsored IRELAND in the World Cup T20 2021 and is an official Fantasy partner of Barbados Royals in Cup 2021 and Kerala Blasters FC in Hero ISL 2021-22.

These partnerships indicate that Exchange22 is not only an excellent app but also a company of distinction. If you want to learn how to use the Exchange22 app, we urge you to read this blog post carefully.

What Is Sport Trading and how to make money with it ?

The sport trading is similar to trading stocks on the stock market, sports trading is a sort of investment that involves purchasing and selling athletes. Users of the Exchange22 app can swap athletes from several sports, including basketball, kabaddi, football, and cricket.

Users that engage in sports trading, commonly referred to the “Sports Ka Stock Market,” have the chance to make money based on the success of the players they trade. The Exchange22 software synchronises with the user’s bank account without a hitch, making it simple to transfer winnings and expedite withdrawals.

How to Make money with Exchange22 App?

You can earn money Buy Trading on the Exchange22 App. The app seamlessly syncs with your bank account, enabling you to transfer your winnings directly to your account and withdraw them promptly.

Exchange22 levies a 6% fee on each BUY/SELL transaction made by the user, as well as a 20% portal fee on the entire amount. Exchange22 ensures that all monetary transactions and withdrawals are entirely secure. Typically, winnings are credited to the user’s account within 6-7 hours of the match’s conclusion.

Exchange22 App Refer and Earn Program

Fantasy App NameExchange22
Exchange22 Referral CodeEX22@2@1126770
Exchange22 Signup BonusRs 25
Exchange22 Refer & EarnUp To Rs 50 Per Refer

Signup Bonus On Exchange22 App

Steps To Acquire Rs 25 Signup Bonus On Exchange22 Application

  1. Primarily, Fetch the Exchange22 Fantasy Application.
  2. Subsequently, Install and Initiate the Exchange22 application.
  3. Afterward, select the Register option, and a form will emerge.
  1. Insert WELCOME100 into the invitation code section for procuring a Rs 25 registration bonus. Provide your mobile number, email address, Date of Birth, password, and agree to the TnC.
  2. Tap on the Create Account button. Congrats! You have successfully generated your account on the Exchange22 application, and Rs 25 has been credited to your Exchange22 wallet efficiently.
  3. Now, Simply sign in to the app utilizing your credentials and start playing.
  4. You can deposit currency in your Exchange22 account and obtain 100% cashback up to Rs 500 in your wallet.

How to use Exchange22 App?

To use Exchange22 App you need android or IOS phone. If you have any device then you can install and use the Exchange22 app on your device

Sign-up process and account creation of Exchange22 App

  • Download the app from this link – click here
  • Now click on register new account
  • Then register via Facebook or your Email ID
  • Done

Features of the Exchange22 App

  • User Friendly Interface :- This app is very smooth and easy to understand for any age group
  • No team formation required for playing Exchange 22.
  • No limitations on player selection.
  • Ability to buy and sell players to build the ideal team.
  • Players can be bought and sold at a low price, similar to stocks.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and learning.
  • Creation and management of a player portfolio instead of a team.
  • Player prices fluctuate based on performance, with good performance resulting in a price increase and poor performance resulting in a price decrease.
  • Streamlined point system with instant results.
  • Users receive exclusive bargains to keep their interest high.

How to Trade on Exchange22 App?

Trading (Matchwise) :

Within the Exchange 22 application, you can engage in trading for any match covered by the app. Simply navigate to the sports category that you are knowledgeable in, such as cricket, football, volleyball, or kabaddi, and select the match you want to trade in. Once you’ve chosen your desired match, you will be presented with two options: Buy/Sell or Maltibagger.

Buy/Sell (Trading):

In this trading mode, you have the option to purchase or sell shares of any athlete. The cost of buying and selling each player’s share varies. For instance, suppose there is a cricket match between two teams- India and Pakistan, and the share price of Rohit Sharma on Exchange 22 is Rs.50 for purchasing and Rs.35 for selling. If you expect that Rohit will perform well in the game, you can buy his shares at Rs.50 per share.

You can buy as many shares as you want, and any points Rohit scores above 50 will be your profit. Your earnings are limited to double the share price, and any points Rohit scores below 50 will result in a loss.

Please note that if you buy a share at Rs.50, and Rohit accumulates 120 points, you will only receive twice the share price, which is Rs.100. Out of this, Rs.50 will be your profit, and the remaining 20 points will be added to your Fantasy coins, which you can use for shopping.

If you predict that Rohit will score less than 35 points, you can sell as many shares of his as you want for Rs.35 each. If he scores 70 points, you won’t receive any profit.

Kindly remember that you can check the point system for every sport by visiting the application. For example, in cricket, you can see the points awarded for runs, fours, sixes, half centuries, centuries, and so forth.

By now, you should have a clear understanding of how to engage in Buy/Sell trading within Exchange 22.

Multibagger (Trading):

In this trading mode, you are required to retain stocks of a player. The cost for each share is Rs.10, but the return differs for every athlete. Some athletes have a return of 5 times, while others have 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 times or more. You will only win if the player you have selected achieves the top ranking among all players by earning the maximum number of points.

Trading (Series Wise)

You get to pick a participant from all the players competing in the series, who you believe will exceed expectations and earn more points than your initial investment. And if the player proves to be a superstar and performs exceptionally well throughout the series, brace yourself for multiple times returns on your investment, resulting in massive profits!

However, there’s always a risk involved – if the player fails to meet your expectations and garners fewer points than your initial investment, you will incur a loss.

Don’t worry, though, as you can easily mitigate this risk by checking out the number of points each player is expected to earn through the Points System within the Exchange 22 app and selecting the Investing option.

Market (Call & Put)

A fresh update has been introduced in the Exchange 22 app, which includes an additional method for earning money. Let’s explore this new option and learn how to benefit from it.

Market (Call & Put) – If you are involved in the stock market or familiar with trading, then you’re probably aware of Call and Put options. Similarly, now you can place bets on Exchange 22 for any match involving both teams. You can bet on any player and predict their points in the Market (Call & Put) section of the Exchange 22 app, just like Option chain trending.

For instance, if India is playing against New Zealand today, you can select the Market (Call & Put) option in the Exchange 22 app and then choose the match. Next, you will be presented with two options for the players on both teams: Create Deal and Accept Deal.

Create Deal – By selecting this option, you can create a Call or Put deal and challenge others. The minimum points for each Call and Put are predetermined; for example, Virat Kohli’s Call has a minimum of 50 points. If you believe that Kohli will score more than 50 points today, you can create a Call deal. Conversely, if the minimum point for Kohli’s Put is 60 and you think he will score less than 60 points, you can create a Put deal.

Accept Deal – By clicking on this option, you can view the player’s Call and Put deals. To participate, you’ll need to pay an entry fee and accept the player’s Call or Put Deal. Then, you simply wait for the match to end, and if your prediction is correct, you will win the Winning Amount.


I trust that you found the all detailed Information about the “Exchange 22 app” and how to operate it useful. Reading through this piece should have resolved any queries you had regarding the app’s functionality. Thank you for your attention.

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