Is Dublin Infotech is Real or Fake ? (Revealed)

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Do you want to know whether Dublin infotech company is real or fake? Dublin Infotech describes itself as an IT company. After checking its website and address, it is written as USA, which means this company may be from USA.

This company is providing services of Coding & Development, web Design, SAAS. To avail its service, one has to buy its plan which is monthly and yearly.

Its monthly plan is as follows

  • Personal – 19$/Monthly
  • Startup – 29$/Monthly
  • Business – 59$/Monthly

Its annual plan is as follows

  • Personal – 14.99$/Monthly
  • Startup – 24.99$/Monthly
  • Business – 49.99$/Monthly

To avail service on this website, you have to fill your details in it. After this they inform you and tell you about their services.

Dublin Infotech is Real or Fake

Dublin Infotech may be a fake company. There are many reasons why this company is fake. I am going to tell all those reasons one by one.

1.Website Design – The company provides website design services but its own website is not designed properly. Its logo appears in the middle of the content on scrolling.

How can such a big mistake happen in the website design of a professional company? Even the alignment of its website is not correct.

2. Testimonial – Testimonial is not given on this website. Due to this, we cannot even know about its work and how it works.

3. Website Age – Only 5 days have passed since this website was launched. This company is completely new and a new company cannot be trusted easily.

4. link not Available – There are many pages on this website but when you click on those pages, they do not open. This means that the links in them have been disabled.

5. Scam Advisor Review – Scam Advisor has given this site a score of 1 out of 100. This means its trustscore is very low and it may be a fake website.

6. Social Media Presence – In today’s time, if a company is not on social media, it cannot expand its business much. The presence of a website on social media shows its authenticity.

This site does not have any account on social media. This means that this website may be a fake website.

7. Trustpilot Review -There is no review of this site on Trustpilot. This clearly means that most of the people have not taken any service from this site.

8.Bug – There are many bugs on this site which make it very difficult to use this site. The pages of this site take a lot of time to load.

Conclusion – In this article I have tried to give complete information about Dublin Infotech. Hope you have understood whether dublin infotech is a real website or a fake website.

As far as I believe, this is a fake website and no one should take service from this site.

By Akak

Hello, I am the owner of this website. I will try my best to give you correct information through this blog. If you like the articles written by me, you can inform us through email.