Review : Drop Ball Master Real or fake

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Have you heard of Drop Ball Master? Have you downloaded this game? If you have downloaded this game thinking that you will earn money from it, then it is your misconception.

In this article I am going to talk about Drop Ball Master. Here I will tell you whether this app is real or fake? Can you make money from this? If you want to know whether Drop Ball Master is a game or fake then read this post completely.

Drop Ball Master Real or fake

Drop Ball Master is a fake app and no one can earn money from this app. Advertisements come when you play games in this app, which shows that this app is earning money from advertisements.

What money will an app which is earning money from advertisements give you? No one can earn money from this app. Let me tell you that this app has not been launched properly on Play Store yet.

This app is currently available in Early Access mode on Play Store, which means there may be bugs in this app. This app is currently available on Play Store only for testing. If there is any deficiency in this app then it will be launched after correcting it.

What is Drop Ball Master Game?

This is a gaming app, it has 1 lakh downloads. It is quite easy to play this game. There are some buttons given in it, you have to press those buttons after which the hair comes down from the top.

If the ball falls in the circle after coming down then you get points. If the ball does not fall in the circle after coming down, then you do not get points. The more balls fall into the circle, the more money you will earn.

In this way you can play games in it. In this, you get coins and points for playing games. By using these points you can buy more balls and in this way the game continues.

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