Dika Earning App Review : Real or Fake, Can You Earn Money ?

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Do you want to earn money from Dika App? Do you want to download Dika Earning App? Let us know whether Dika Earning App is real or fake?

About Dika Earning App

Dika App is an Earn Money app in which you can earn money by investing money. It runs a Ponzi scheme in which it is said to double and triple the money.

Its cheapest plan is Rs 500 whose cycle is 45 days. In this plan you will earn Rs 125 daily. Its most expensive plan is Rs 48,000, in which you will earn Rs 26,668 daily.

Dika Combine Harvester Company was established in the United States in the year 1837. To use this app, you have to create an account which is quite easy.

Dika Earning App Download

It is very easy to download this app. Follow the following steps to create an account

1. First of all go to the website www.dikapp.com.

2. After this, click on Register to create your account.

3. After Creating the account, you have to log in and then click on the home page.

4. On the home page you will see the option of Download.

5. You can download this app by clicking on download.

Dika Earning App Real or Fake

Dika is a fake Earning App and no one can earn money from this app. I have talked about this type of app in my articles earlier also.

Like Dika App, there is also Accibis App, Numgenius AI, AGCR1966, Heico Earning App and JSW Ventures earning app. The working method of all these apps is similar.

All these companies run Ponzi schemes, that is, they talk about doubling and tripling your money in a few days. Actually all these companies are completely fake.

These companies give money in the beginning to win trust, after that when people trust these companies, then people buy their expensive plans.

After this these companies never return that money. There have been many such companies in the past which have scammed people by talking about doubling their money.

The working method of these companies is very simple. These companies give money initially to win people’s trust, after which when people are convinced, they take expensive plans.

After this, the companies keep distributing that money to the people who join later so that they also trust the company. After this, when those people also trust this company and take an expensive plan, then this company keeps taking their money and distributing it to the people who joined later.

In this way the cycle continues and when they get too much money, they gradually stop giving money to people. Now those who invest more money lose all their money.

Conclusion – Dika App is a Fake Earning App and you should not invest money in it. If someone tells you that this is a real earning app, then do not believe him at all.

By Akak

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