IS Digistore24 real or fake ? (Real Truth)

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Is Digistore24 real or fake? Let’s Discuss

In today’s world where digital platforms have become one of the most sought-after platforms for earning a decent amount. There exist several online platforms for this purpose youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to name a few, which are being utilized by many people around the world as a means of income.

But along with the bright side there exist a dark side too, which we generally call spam. You can never know if a site promising that you will be paid for performing a certain activity is real or fake.

We need to do a thorough study of such sites before giving out our details and money. One similar website is Digistore24. Let’s see if this site is real or fake based on the services it offers and the claims it makes.

What is digistore24 ?

It is an e-commerce platform that connects sellers and buyers of digital products like software tools, ebooks, online courses, and other online services. It is an e-commerce and digital marketing solution for entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses.

Many businesses are available on this platform, which allows us to become their affiliates for promoting their digital product and services. The affiliates get commissions which is some predetermined percentage of the sales being made by them.

You are provided with all information like the commission percentage and how much you would make on every product sold from the company’s website you will join as an affiliate.

History of Digistore24

The company was founded in Germany by Sven Platte, and since its inception in 2014, Digistore24 has played a vital role in assisting more than 1 million businesses in their growth journey.

Moreover, the company has helped in the digital transformation of over 10,000 companies. Notably, Digistore24’s efforts have resulted in an astounding number of over 300 millionaires, comprising both merchants and affiliates who have benefited from their services.

The’s visited by 61.24% of males and 38.76% of females regularly. The largest age group of visitors is 25 – 34-year-olds.

Fully protected Payment Gateway

As Digistore is an online marketplace, to ensure easy, hassle-free payment it uses encryption methods. They always consider the fact that sensitive information like banking details, credit card details, etc never gets leaked by any means.

They assure both the buyers and sellers about their online transaction safety. Digistore24 also allows you to sign-up even if you do not have an existing bank account under your name. In this case, your total weekly payments will be directly transferred via PayPal.

Customer Support

Digistore24 has well-equipped customer support. While using their services, they are always ready to sort out any issues you might face on the website. This Service includes ticketing systems and dispute management, to handling customer inquiries, refund requests, and so on. They are ready to assist all consumers including vendors, buyers, and affiliates.


Digistore24 integrates with various third-party services and tools, such as email marketing platforms, webinar software, membership site plugins, and CRM systems. This allows vendors to connect their existing tools and manage their digital products, marketing campaigns, and sales processes. You can track your conversions and other reports regarding a product.

Points to keep in mind

The Digistore24 team tries its best to bring genuine consumers to their site. But as Digistore is a public platform, where one can sign up either as a vendor or buyer. The signup forms at times might get manipulated by fake people who come there with the sole aim of deceiving people there.

It’s our responsibility too to cross-check if a buyer or seller is genuine or fake. There have been cases of counterfeit sellers. To avoid such things we need to do a background study of the companies we are going to deal with.

One can go through the reviews of the company and people before any interactions. Before making any transactions at any e-commerce store, it is recommended to check the details of the website provided, as many online scammers do not explain their information on the website properly. This will ensure your digital safety to a larger extent.

Is Digistore24 real or fake

Unlike fake sites that provide less information about them, only a mail-id as customer support, no contact number, and online ratings are not there, Digistore24 has a rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot, with around 7764 reviews loudly proclaiming its genuineness.

This e-commerce company is in its developing state, thus to establish itself, digistore24 is helping its existing customers as well as new customers to have an awesome experience in the digital era.

Every single query related to the sale and purchase of digital products that may arise from a vendor, buyer, or affiliates is solved promptly, depending on the depth of the issue.

In recent years digistore24 has gained major popularity in around 170+ countries worldwide. It is one of the most trusted websites for online businesses. Hence, we concluded that Digistore24 is real.

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