Review : Dessert dash Tiles game is Real or Fake ?

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Dessert dash Tiles is a gaming app. You can play games in this app. Some people are also earning money by playing games in this app but when they go to withdraw the money, their money is not being withdrawn.

If you want to know whether Dessert dash Tiles game is real or fake then read this post completely. In this post, I have given all the information about this game so that you will understand whether this app is a real app or a fake app.

About Dessert dash Tiles game

This is a gaming app. This app has not been fully launched yet on Google Play Store. This app is currently available on Google in early access mode, that is, this app is still in development mode.

More than 5 lakh people have downloaded this app. Right now this app is in delvelopment mode on Play Store, hence its review cannot be read.

The game is very simple in this app. It has fruits on three sides. You have to choose all similar fruits. After this all the similar fruits get mixed together and you get a point.

This is how the game has to be played. You have to keep selecting all the same fruits and after that you will keep winning points. In the present times, some people are getting money for playing games but some people are not getting it.

Dessert dash Tiles game is Real or Fake?

Dessert dash Tiles game is a fake gaming app and no one can earn money from it. In this app, option of UPI and Paypal is given to withdraw money.

When you earn money in this game, then when you go to withdraw that money, you are asked for Rs 300 in the name of platform fee. Even if you deposit Rs 300, you do not get the money.

Let me tell you that this type of gaming app has been launched earlier also. I have revealed similar gaming apps in my posts earlier also. Think for yourself why any gaming app will give you so much money to play games.

If any gaming app is asking you for money to withdraw money, then it is very clear that that gaming app is a fake gaming app and you should stay away from such gaming apps.

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