Daman Games Invite Code : 321814128837, Get Rs.5000 Bonus

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Daman Daman Games Invite Code, daman games referral code

Nowadays playing games has become a hobby, so today we will tell you about one such gaming app whose name is Daman Game App.

Daman Game is a gaming app and website where you can play many games and earn money by playing them. You can apply this code 321814128837 while creating an account and get many rewards.

In this article, I will tell you about how to apply Daman Games invite code, benefits of the referral code, the withdrawal process, and method of playing games.

Daman Games Invite Code : 321814128837

Daman Games Invite Code321814128837
Signup BenefitAmazing Rewards
Refer and Earn85% Commission
Minimum withdraw₹110 – ₹1,000,000
Minimum Recharge₹100

How to Create an Account & Use Daman Games Invite Code

To create an Account and use the invite code you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Daman Games or Download the app

Step 2: Click on the ‘Registration’ Button

Step 3: Enter Your Active Mobile Number 

Step 4: Create A strong or unique password and again confirm it.

Step 5: Enter your Daman Game Invite Code (321814128837)

Step 6: Accept all terms & conditions and tap on the “Register” button. Your account has been successfully created.

Daman Games gift code

Gift code in Daman Games is a code using which you can get a free bonus. To get the gift code, you will have to join Daman’s Telegram channel.

daman gift code today free telegram link

Gifts are given from time to time on Daman Telegram channel. You can get gaming bonus by copying the gift code. Let me tell you that you get very little bonus on using gift code.

Daman games referral code

By using a referral code, you can get a sign-up bonus, referral bonus, and other rewards.

When you are going to create a new account on Daman Games you can use the referral code so that you can get ₹100 as a sign-up bonus. And this bonus will help you to play games and win real money.

What is Daman Games?

Daman Game is an online gaming platform where you can play a variety of games and earn real money. It is not an ordinary gaming app, it is a betting app.

Daman Games is for all those people who like to earn money by playing in casinos. With this app, you can earn money by playing very easy games. The better knowledge and understanding you have about playing the game in Daman game, the more money you can win in it.

Daman Games Refer and Earn Program

Daman Games Refer and Earn program is a way which help you to earn free real money. If you share your referral codes with your friends, family members, colleagues,

and social media and tell them to register for an account on the Daman game app or website you will both get the bonus reward And this reward is directly transferred to your bank account.

By referring your code, you can win many prizes and the prizes are mentioned below. You can win these prizes by participating in this contest till 31st October.

1. For a Grand Prize (+1 Crore Price of Delux Unit Residential Condominium) : You have to refer 20,000 people top-up at least 3 times.

2. For 1st Prize (New BMW X1, Price +55,00,000) : You have to refer 6,000 people top-up at least 3 times.

3. For the 2nd Prize (2 Carat Natura Bound Diamond, Price +15,00,000) : You have to refer 2,000 people top-up at least 3 times.

4. For the 3rd Prize (Gold & Diamond, Price +5,00,000) : You have to refer 500 people top-up at least 3 times.

5. For the 4th Prize (24k Gold Bar, Price +2,00,000) : You have to refer 200 people top-up at least 3 times.

6. For the 5th Prize (24k Gold Treasure, Price +1,00,000) : You have to refer 150 people top-up at least 3 times.

7. For the 6th Prize (24k Gold Accessories, Price +50,000) : You have to refer 100 people top-up at least 3 times.

8. For the 7th Prize (22k 4 gram Daman special Gold, Price +30,000) : You have to refer 75 people top-up at least 3 times.

9. For the 8th Prize (24k Gold Rings, Price +20,000) : You have to refer 50 people top-up at least 3 times.

10. For the 9th Prize (24k Gold Earnings, Price +10,000) : You have to refer 30 people top-up at least 3 times.

11. last 10th Prize (Gold Treasure Box, Price +5,000) : You have to refer 20 people top-up at least 3 times.

Terms & Conditions of Refer and Earn

1. Those Players who are interested in this contest they must have a telegram number to contact customer service on the Post to activate to participate in this event.

2. The winner is calculated on the basis of how many members are able to bring active members for a period of 2 months from 1st September to 31st October.

3. Members will be active as those members who have deposited more than 3 times. And no member should have the same information, account name, account number, and IP address.

4. If the total no of active members is more than 20% of the total no of those members who deposited only 3 times. then we will do a review for an indefinite time.

5. Daman game has the right to cancel the prize pool if they are found cheating any of them to take advantage of the special event.

NOTE: The Special Event Will be Held every Two months with New and many More Exciting Rewards.

Daman Games Download link

Here is the downloading link on the phone or the visiting link on the website where you can play games.

Apk Download LinkDaman Games

How to play Daman games?

If you want to play games and earn money in Daman Games, first of all, you have to create an account and deposit some amount in your account for betting in games. Once you complete this process you can play any games which is available on the platform. 

One of the most popular games in the Daman Gaming app or website is Win Go which is a colour prediction game. In this game, you have to predict the next color of the box to win the betting price. 

If your prediction is correct you will win the betting price. The betting price depends on the money which is bet by you.

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How To Withdraw Daman Games Cash?

To withdraw cash from Daman Games, you have to have a verified account and a minimum balance of ₹100 in your account. You can withdraw your money through your Bank Account and UPI Wallet. Daman Games provides you a simple way to withdraw your money.

When you request for your withdrawal it will be credited to your bank account or UPI wallet within an hour. Normally it takes 5 to 10 minutes. You can withdraw three times in a day up to 10,00,000 lakh.

Daman Games Contact Information

If you have any queries about the Daman Games, You can message them through.

  • Email I’d: DamanGamesjnfr30@Gmail.com
  • Whatsapp No.: +91 70416 54491
  • Instagram I’d: @jn f_cndr
  • Telegram I’d: @JenniferCandor
  • FB I’d: Jennifer Candor
  • Twitter: @jnfrcdr

Daman games telegram group link

https://telegram.me/JenniferCandor30 This is the telegram link for customer care.

Daman Games FAQ 

is daman games safe?

It is impossible to say definitely that Daman games are safe because some of the players give some positive or some negative experiences. So it is difficult to say but Daman games has a valid gambling licence from the Govt. of Curacao.

is daman games legal in india?

In India, Daman games are legal or not it is not definite to say because all of the casino and betting games are banned in India under Indian Law.

How to win daman games.

Daman games is a betting app where it is difficult to win but there is a way you can follow to win the match.
1) Choose the right game in which you are an expert or interested.
2) Read & understand the complete rules of the game
3) Prepare your strategy
4) Take small breaks
5) Don’t Think about your losses.

Is daman game real or fake

Daman game is a real gaming app or website where you can bet your money to earn more money by playing games.

daman games WhatsApp group link

+91 70416 54491 This is the no. of the customer care live chat on WhatsApp.

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