Review : Curative Survey PVT ltd Real or Fake (Revealed)

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Curative Survey is a website where people can earn money by completing surveys. In this article we will know whether Curative Survey is real or fake?

There are many websites on the internet which provide the facility to earn money by filling surveys. Among those websites, one website is very popular in Jammu and Kashmir. The name of this website is Curative Survey.

Now the question is whether Curative Survey is a real website? Can money be earned by filling surveys on this website? Should we work on this website?

About Curative Survey PVT Ltd

Curative Survey is a website to earn money by filling surveys. This website claims that you can earn money by filling surveys in it. This website says that it will launch its products in the future, hence it conducts surveys and gives money in return.

Its plans are also given on this website. This website says that if you take its premium plan, you will get more money for filling surveys. Its premium plan is Rs 5000.

This website is very popular in Jammu and Kashmir, many people have invested money in this website. People believe that they have found a good platform to earn money online.

At present the website is not opening due to which people are worried. People who have invested money in this website are very upset due to the non-opening of this website.

Curative Survey PVT ltd Real or Fake

Curative Survey is a fake website and no one can earn money by doing surveys on this website. Actually this is a big scam.

This website was initially offering money to win people’s trust so that people trust this website and take their premium plan to earn more money.

Many people have trusted this website and taken its premium plan. Its premium plan was of Rs 5000, which means people spent more money in taking its premium plan than what they had earned.

Now many people will say that they have earned money from this website, so let me tell them that this website was initially giving money to win the trust of people. People also took the premium plan of this website in the greed of earning more money.

Let me tell you that this type of online fraud has been happening for a long time and new fraud websites are being launched every day. These people run Ponzi schemes and dream of becoming rich in a few days.

Some fraud companies pay money to YouTubers to promote their platform. Youtubers also fool people by showing their fake earnings. Many people get influenced by fake Youtubers and invest money in these fake platforms and then regret it later.

By Akak

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