Credit kum App review | Real or Fake ?

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Credit kum App loan App is becoming increasingly popular among the people. This app is known as professional financial calculator, along with this, this app also gives loans to the people.

In this article, I am going to give a review of Credit kum App so that you can know whether it is real or fake? Does this app really give loans?

Credit kum App Real or Fake

Credit kum App is a Fake Loan App. No one can take loan from this app. This app is scamming people and people are also falling prey to it.

This app offers loans to people and makes them earn Rs 390 in the name of security deposit. People also pay security deposit fees to get loans and become victims of their scams.

After this, this app demands more money on some pretext or the other but no one gets any loan.

When I downloaded this app and filled in the mobile number to create an account, Auto Generated OTP was automatically filled in it. After this, when I checked the SMS, no OTP had come.

I filled in fake details to test this app and you will not believe after knowing that my loan was approved within a few seconds. If you want, you can also fill the fake details yourself and see.

Security Deposit Fees of Rs 390 were visible for transferring the loan to the bank. After this, as soon as I clicked on Get Loan Now, the page for UPI Payment of Rs 390 opened in which I had to pay Rs 390.

After all this, I understood that this app is completely fake and you must also have understood that it is an app like Credit Kum App.

Credit kum App review

Google Play Store: This app has got a rating of 4 stars on Google Play Store and 1 lakh downloads have been done. The rating on Google Play may also be fake but if you read its review you will see that many people have been scammed.

This app has received more negative reviews than positive reviews and most of the people have called this app a Fake App.

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