Is Crash100 Real or Fake : Complete Review

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Do you want to know whether website is real or fake? Can money be earned from this website? Is this website really paying money?

About is a gambling website. Here you can earn money by gambling. Aviator game is given in it. In this game you have to invest money.

When you put money, the rocket goes upwards and you win money. In this you have to guess how high the rocket will go. If your guess turns out to be correct then you win money.

To play games on this website, you have to invest at least Rs 200. You can play games in Crash100 by investing Rs 200. Many gambling websites like Crash100 are available on the internet.

In this, option of UPI, Paytm is given to deposit money.

Crash100 Apk Download

You can download Crash100 from its website. The URL of its website is You can create your account by visiting this site.

Crash100 Real or Fake

It is very difficult to tell whether Crash100 is a real website or a fake website. Many people are calling this website real and saying that they have withdrawn their money from this website.

I have to say that if you have doubt on this website whether it is real or fake then you can use any real platform instead of this website. There are many real platforms that provide the facility to play similar games.

You can also play this game in apps like Yolo247, 1Win, 1xBet, Mostbet. All these are real platforms and are giving withdrawal.

Should you play games in Crash100?

If you are thinking of using Crash100 then you are making a big mistake. It is a gambling platform and makes you a gambler. There is a lot of risk in earning money through gambling and your money can also be lost.

If you play games in Crash100, it is not necessary that you will win money, you can also lose money. The concept of this game is very simple. When someone loses money in this game, only then someone else wins in this game.

That means for someone to win, someone has to lose the game. When someone loses, his money goes to the winner after deducting the commission. In this way only Crash100 earns money, rest of the people’s money keeps getting transferred to each other.

If you really want to earn money by investing then you can download the Tradex app. This is a knowledge base gaming app. In this app, questions are asked on events like cricket, news, cryptocurrency.

If you have good knowledge in any of these fields then you will easily guess what the outcome of any event will be. For example, suppose there is a match between India and Pakistan, then the cricket expert will easily find out who will win.

This app also has the advantage that if in any event you feel that your answer may be wrong, then you can withdraw the remaining money by incurring a small loss. The link to download the app is given below, so you can download it.

Tradex Download

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