Review : Clipclaps is real or fake (Revealed)

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If you have come to this post then you might want to know whether Clipclaps is real or fake? To know the reality of Clipclaps, I downloaded this app and did research for a long time.

After doing research on Clipclaps for a long time, I came to know some things which will surprise you, so let us know whether Clipclaps is a real app or a fake app.

What is Clipclaps?

Clipclaps is Watch Videos And Earn Money App. In this you can earn coins by watching videos and convert those coins into USD and transfer them to Paypal.

There are many ways to earn coins in this app but the main way is by watching videos. It contains videos ranging from 15 seconds to 5 minutes or more. The more videos you watch, the more coins you will earn.

In this, you get 100 coins after watching a video for 1 minute. In this way, if you watch a video of 10 minutes, you can earn 1000 coins. Many videos like Short Videos, Movie Clip, Songs can be seen in this app.

Movies are also uploaded in this app, so you can watch movies also.

Clipclaps App Download

Android & IOS

Clipclaps Invite Code : 1992483599

Clipclaps Invite Code is a unique code. You can get reward on filling this code. Follow the following steps to redeem the reward

  1. Open Clipclaps App
  2. Click on Wallet
  3. Click on Infinite Code Fill
  4. Fill 1992483599 in the blank space
  5. Click on Redeem Rewards

You will get rewards as soon as you click on Redeem Rewards. In this way you can redeem rewards by using Clipclaps Invite Code.

Clipclaps is real or fake

In my research, Clipclaps has proven to be a real app. I have seen this app very well due to which I found this app to be real. This type of app has been present on the internet for a long time from which people have earned money.

Many people have earned money from the watch video and earn money app, but it does not mean that you will also be able to earn money easily from it. It is very difficult to earn money by watching videos in this app.

This app gives 1 dollar for 10,00,00 Coins. It will take months to earn 10,00,00 Coins by watching the video, hence it is very difficult to earn money from this app.

Apart from this, this type of app is not safe and contains malware which puts your phone at risk and your phone can also be hacked.

What is Clipclaps?

Clipclaps is Watch Videos & Earn Money App. In this app you can earn money by watching videos and can also transfer that money to Paypal.

What is Clipclaps Invite Code?

Clipclaps Invite Code is 1992483599. You can get rewards by using it.

Is Clipclaps a real app?

Yes, Clipclaps has a real app and in this you can earn money by watching videos.

Can money be earned from Clipclaps?

It is very difficult to earn money from Clipclaps App because very few coins are earned by watching videos in it.

What is the value of Clipclaps 100000 coins?

In Clipclaps, the value of 100000 coins is equal to 1 dollar.

How much USD should I have to withdraw money on Clipclaps?

You can withdraw the first payment when it is 0.10$ but after that to withdraw the money there should be at least 10$. After withdrawing money, the minimum limit for withdrawing money increases.

How to earn money from Clipclaps?

On Clipclaps you can earn money by watching videos and referring others.

How to withdraw money from Clipclaps?

To withdraw money from Clipclaps, you have to click on Coins which is present on the home page itself. After this, click on the Cash option present on the right side. After this you can withdraw the money by filling the amount.

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