Captcha real or fake ? Honest Review

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If you are searching Captcha Filling Work From home job Website on the internet then you must have seen website.

This website provides many jobs related to Work From Home. In this story we are going to tell you whether website is real or fake? Can one earn by filling Captcha here?

About website is a job website. Here you will find many jobs related to work form home. Mobile data entry, copy paste job, data entry job, typing jobs, tele calling jobs are also available on this website.

Captcha job is the most searched job on this website. In this, Rs 1000 per day is being given on captcha job.

In this, to do any job one has to apply first. A lot of jobs have been given in this.

When you like a job, you have to click on it. After this, two options of contact Employer and Inquire Now will appear.

contact Employer – By clicking on this you can send your information to the Employer, after which the Employer will contact you and give you a job.

Inquire Now – By clicking on this you can inquire for a job from the employer and get the job. Captcha real or fake job website is a fake website and you cannot earn even a single rupee here. I have researched this website for a long time and in my research this website has proved to be a fake website. itself is earning money by running ads on its website, so will it give you a job? Whatever job is available on this website is fake. When you apply for a job on this website, you get a message from them.

The image is About website. Ads showing in this website so that is this website is fake

In the message they ask for money from you in the name of getting you a job. If you give them money then you get scammed. Captcha job is given on this website in which it is claimed to earn Rs 1000 per day.

Let me tell you that you cannot earn money by filling Captcha. No one gets any benefit by filling captcha. When no one gets any benefit from filling Captcha, then why is this company paying to fill Captcha?

This company asks for money from you in the name of getting Captcha job and unemployed people give the money and they do not even think why the company is paying to fill Captcha? After all, what benefit can a company get from filling Captcha?

A company hires you only when it gets some benefit from you. If the company is not getting any benefit from you then it will fire you.

Similarly, filling Captcha does not give any benefit to any company. This company only asks for money from you in the name of providing Captcha job. Actually this kind of company earns money from you itself.

Copy Paste, Captcha and Typing are such tasks which even an uneducated person can do, that is why people apply for such jobs and give money on demand and then they get cheated.

I have exposed many Fake Captcha websites earlier also. The names of those websites are, 2Captcha and You cannot earn money by filling Captcha on these websites.

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By Akak

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