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Telegram Group Join Now website gives an opportunity to earn money by filling captcha, but can one really earn money by filling captcha? Can one earn by filling captcha?

Is is real or fake? In this article we are going to talk about this.

Information about website gives an opportunity to earn money by filling captcha. This website claims that you can earn up to Rs 200 by filling 100 captchas on this site.

To do this work, one has to first plan for it. There are three types of plans in this. First – Standard, second – Premium Plan and third – Enterprises Plan.

In the Standard plan, you get one rupee for filling one captcha, whereas in the Enterprise plan, you get two rupees for filling one captcha. This website claims that you can earn money by filling unlimited captcha in it. Real or Fake is a Fake Website and no one can earn money from this site. Just think for yourself that why would any company pay you to fill captcha? After all, what is the benefit of filling the captcha?

How can a company profit by filling captcha? When a company will not make profit by filling captcha, then from where will it pay the money? Now, isn’t any company so kind that it distributes money to you for free?

The biggest proof that is fake is that this site asks for money from you for joining. When you register in it, you have to pay money.

Have you ever thought ? Why is a company itself taking money in exchange for giving you work in its company? The clear objective of this company is to make innocent poor people crazy and loot money. Earning Disclaimer

This website has clearly mentioned on its Earnings Disclaimer page that there is no guarantee that you will earn money from here. It is also written in it that we are not responsible for any of your efforts.

ScamAdvisor Rating

ScamAdvisor has given this site a rating of 61 out of 100. This clearly means that ScamAdvisor has doubts about the genuineness of this website. The owner of this site has published his identity.

Conclusion – is a fake website and no one can earn money from it. There is no benefit to anyone by filling captcha. A real company will never pay money for filling captcha.

If any company is taking subscription plan in the name of getting you a job then it is definitely a fake company and you should stay away from such company.

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