Buy Top 12 Best Poco X2 Back Cover and Cases Amazon Online India

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon – Poco X2 was launched in India on 8 May 2020. This smartphone became very popular due to its excellent features. This smartphone falls under the category of Best Smartphone under Rs. 15000

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon

This smartphone has 6.67 inch display, 64 + 2 + 8 + 2 MP rear camera, 6 GB RAM, 64 GB storage and 4500 mAh battery. Let us know about the full feature of this Smartphone

As we all know it is very important to have a cover for the safety of Smartphone, so in this post I have written about the Back Cover for Poco X2 where you will get to see many types of back cover.

All the back covers I have shown for Poco X2 in this post are all available on Amazon and all these covers are value for money, so if you want to buy them, you can buy them by clicking on the link Poco X2 best cover website – Amazon, Flipkart

1.Poco X2 back cover Ringke Fusion-X Designed

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon

Ringke Fusion is Very good compnay for Back Cover. This is the best back cover for poco x2. This back cover is very stylish and protects your smartphone completely.

  • This back cover has a great rating of 4.5 on amazon and 28 people have reviewed this cover.
  • It fully protects the front glass of your smartphone
  • Clear PC Back and TPU Provides Better protection From Screen Scratches
  • Lanyard Hole to Attach Wrist Straps
  • Raised Edges Protect the phone Screen
  • Protect Camera bump and it looks Classy at the Same time
  • This Cover perfect fit for your poco X2 Smarphone
  • This cover has Amazon Choice Lebel so this is Value for money Product

2. Cubix Magnetic Flip Cover for Poco X2 Leather Case Wallet

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon

Any smartphone with leather cover looks great. This Leather Back cover is the best for your Poco X2 smartpone at its price. This cover got 4 ratings on amazon and 4 people rated it

  • It is a magnetic 360 degree flip cover and Compatible Only Poco X2 Smartphone
  • This cover is available on Amazon in black, blue and brown.
  • Talking about the price, you get this cover within 300 rupees.
  • This cover has a kickstand feature, with the help of which you can half-fold this cover and watch videos or movies.

3. Spazy Case Hybrid Design Dual layer Protects Back cover Case for Poco X2

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon

If you want full proof hard protection for your smartphone, then this back cover is best for your smartphone. This back cover comes with 2 layer protection which protects your phone completely.

This cover belongs to Spazy Company and this cover has got an average 4 rating by 346 people on amazon which is very good rating.

  • Made of high Quality Material
  • KickStand Available for Watching Videos without any Stand
  • Camera and Screen Protection Available
  • Easily Access all Ports, Buttons, Camera and Speaker
  • This Cover is waterproff, Washable and Tear – Resistant

4. Riggear Fortify Transparent Back cover/ Case For Poco X2

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon

Riggear Fortify is a very good company for back cover and its products are very good, but here I have shown you the back cover of this company.

This back cover is very stylish and its design gives premium feel so it can prove to be the best back cover for your Poco X2 Smartphone

This back cover is transparent but has plastic material attached to it to protect the screen and camera. Let’s know its full details

  • 4 average rating by 757 people on Amazon
  • 360 Degree Protection
  • Tactile Keys
  • Effective Shock Absorption
  • Corner made Soft TPU Bumper who Absorbs Drop Impacts
  • Protect Camera Bumps and Screen
  • Perfect Fit with Full Covered tempered Glass Also

5. ZATX Poco x2 back cover avengers (Iron Man)

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon

If you like Iron Man then you will definitely like this Back Cover. Behind this back cover is the design of the face mask of iron man, which looks very cool.

This back cover has been given an average 5 star rating by 22 people on amazon, which is a very good rating. Let us know the special features of this cover

  • 3D Relief Avenger mask
  • 360 Degree Full Protection
  • 0.66 mm TPU Bumper Protecting your Mobile Screen
  • 1.22mm Bumper Protecting the Back Camera
  • 3D Avenger made SofT Silicon
  • Outer Soft TPU Shell keeps 360 Degree Protection From Falling off
  • Perfect Fiting for Poco X2 Smartphone
  • Buling Quilty Excellent
  • Premium Feeling and Worth buying Product

6.TheGiftKart Protective Slim Soft Back Cover 

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon

This cover is a black colored slim back cover and this cover has also been liked by the people. If you do not want to get such a cover for your phone that makes your phone look bigger and thicker, then you can take it.

  • Compatible Only Poco X2 Smartphone
  • Multi-layer OITX has been given in this cover which gives it premium and ultra rich finishing.
  • With advanced dual layer technology, this cover protects your phone properly.
  • The cover has precise cutouts so that you can easily access all buttons, Ports, Camera, Speakers & Microphone.
  • This cover is made of strong silicon that protects your phone from 4 sides.
  • This cover has smooth & anti fingerprint finishing.
  • The surface of its cover is non slipping so that your phone will not suddenly fall from your hand.

7. A Rtistque Smoke Translucent Shock Proof Hard Back Case Cover 

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon

It is a transparent rubber back cover and this cover is rated 4 stars by 284 people on Amazon. However, such covers become dirty after a few months or they become yellow in color. 

Its material is made of TPU and polycarbonate. Which properly protects your phone. There are already buttons in this cover whose color is different from the color of this cover and this thing makes this cover different from all the covers.

The rubber back cover has a specialty that they do not slip suddenly with your hand.

8. Cat Silicon Case Soft Cartoon Back Cover Case for Poco X2 (Pink)

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon

This poco X2 back cover is the best for girls. If you look at its design, then a cat design is made in it and girls also like the cat’s back cover.

  • You can gift this back cover to a girl on her birthday
  • This cover is made of premium quality soft silicone.
  • The edges of this cover are folded in a perfect way, so the grip of this cover is very strong.
  • Can easily access all ports and buttons

9. REALCASE Xiaomi Poco X2 Hard Transparent Back

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon

This cover belongs to the realcase company and this cover also has a ring holder, which you can use as a mobile stand.

This cover is a hard transparent back cover. This cover has got a rating of 4 stars on Amazon and more than 229 people have reviewed it.

Talking about the price, you will get this cover under 600 rupees and I liked the design and really I would say that it is the best transparent back cover with ring holder.

  • This cover has been designed only for poco X2 and Redmi K30.
  • It has a 360 degree kickstand which can also be folded at 180 degrees.
  • Due to the ring’s center metal, you can hold it with a magnetic car mount holder.
  • This durable cover is made of hard pc and soft TPU.
  • When you hold it in your mobile and hold it in your hand, it does not look very big.

10. Evoque Designer Printed Hard Back Cover for Poco X2

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon

This is a printed back cover with a photo print of joker. Many people like the Joker back cover and this cover also has the Joker’s print which looks a bit sad.

If you want to take poco x2 back cover joker printed hard case then you can take it. This cover has been well liked by many people.

  • It is very easy to install and remove this cover in your phone.
  • This cover provides a perfect cut to access all ports.
  • After putting the cover in the phone, you can comfortably access all the buttons of your phone.
  • This is the best printed case for your phone with matte finish printing quality.

11. Poco X2 Cover Case Ull Body 3 in 1 Slim Fit Complete 3D 360 Degree Protection

Poco X2 Back Cover Amazon

Here I have shown more slim back cover for poco X2 and this cover is also a best slim cover. If you look at the design of this cover, then there is a red colored stripe on the top.

This cover is black in color and it also fits perfect on your phone. This cover has been rated 4 stars by 417 people on Amazon.

  • This cover protects your phone 360 degrees.
  • This cover is made of Hybrid hard plastic which prevents your phone from falling and breaking suddenly.
  • In this cover, you can easily access its port and buttons.
  • Pc Spraying Technology makes this case anti-scratch, anti-skid, anti-fingerprint, anti-paint.
  • It has a special feature of camera and screen protection.

12. M7 Case Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass Back Cover TPU Frame for- Poco X2 (Black)

This cover is the best Tempered glass back cover for Poco X2 smartphone. It has been rated 3.5 by 17 people on Amazon.

Let me tell you it costs a premium to see a glass back cover. Because of this people like to take these covers. Such covers protect your phone but also ask for your own safety

The design of this cover gives the feel of a premium cover. Talking about the price, you will get it for less money.

  • The cover has glass behind it and its frame is of TPU material.
  • This cover is anti-Scratch, Slim and Drop Resistant, with this it protects your phone 360 degrees.
  • This cover supports 100% wireless charging and there is no need to remove this cover from your phone.
  • Out of these five, which back cover you liked best for Poco x2, you will definitely tell by commenting

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