Bric Trade App Real or fake | Complete Review

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Bric Trade App Real or fake ? : Trading is such a medium of earning money through which people can earn thousands of lakhs of rupees in a few seconds. New trading apps are being launched on the Play Store every day, out of which most of the trading apps are fake.

At this time Bric Trade App is becoming increasingly popular among people. Many people have a question whether Bric Trade App is real or fake? In this story, I am going to tell the truth of Bric Trade App, if you want to know its truth then read the post carefully.

About Bric Trade App

Bric Trade App is a fake trading app. This app is similar to other fake trading apps like Rubik Trade, TT Trade, Octa FX. In this app you will get real account and demo account for trading.

After creating an account in this app, 10,000 rupees are available in the demo account. You can use this money in trading. After trading with demo account, when you feel that you have learned trading, then you can start trading with real account.

The concept of earning money by trading in it is very simple. You just have to guess whether the graph will go up or down and then put money on it. If your guess turns out to be correct then you will get the money and if your guess turns out to be wrong then you will lose the money.

Bric Trade App Real or Fake ?

Bric Trade App is a fake app and no one can earn money from it. Actually this is not a trading app at all. This app is only designed to scam others. People who are new in trading become victims of this app.

Here I am going to tell not one but many reasons for this app being fake, so let’s know.

1.No Registration No. All the real trading apps are registered companies while Bric Trade App does not have any registration.

2.KYC Complete – It is necessary to do KYC in all the real money earning apps but this app does not do KYC. Your account is created as soon as you enter your email id and password.

3. Fake Graph – The graph of this app is completely fake. The graph of this app goes up and down very fast whereas in reality no graph goes up and down so fast. You can also compare its graph with the graph of tradingview. tradingview is a real company that is used by professional traders.

4. Fake Trading – The trading that happens in this app is completely fake. Trading actually happens between two people, in which one gets profit and the other gets loss. In trading, one’s money goes to another, from which the trading companies deduct their commission and give it to the other..

Here you have to understand that no company gives money from itself in trading. In trading, our money is divided among ourselves, in which some people suffer loss and some people get a lot of profit.

5. All Assets in One App : In this app, all the assets are given in one app, whereas this is not possible in a real trading app, so this app is completely fake and you cannot earn a single rupee from it.

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