You must have come to know about the release date of BGMI. This game will be officially launched on May 29 and you will be able to download it from Google Play Store.

Talking about now, when you search for this game on Google Play Store, then this game is not visible, but if you go to Google Play Store from its official website, then the game appears available for download.

BGMI 2.6 Update Release Date & Time

It is clearly written that BGMI will be released on May 29, only after that you will be able to play it, not before, although this game will be available on Play Store on May 27, 2023, but its server will be on May 29, 2023 at 05:00 AM to 07: Will be started between 00 AM.

That’s why you will be able to play this game properly only after 29th May. Now we know how you can download this game now.

BGMI Google Play Store Download Latest Version 2.6.0

You can download this game by going to Google Play Store by clicking on the link or you can download its APK file by visiting

To download BGMI Latest Version 2.6.0 APK File, go to, then click on the APK file You can download

After the BGMI APK file is downloaded, you can install it on your phone. In this way you can easily download BGMI Latest Version 2.6.0.

download from google play store

Step 1 – Click the link – BGMI

Step 2 – google play store will open

Step 3 – Click on Install

Step 4 – boom the game is downloaded

Download from

Step 1 – Type in web browser then enter

Step 2 – Click on APK Download

Step 3 – Click on Android

Step 4 – Click on APK, the file will be downloaded in a while

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