5 Best Free Virtual Trading App in India 2023

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Are you searching for Best Virtual Trading App in India to learn trading? If yes then you are at the right place. The trend of earning money from trading is going on in India. People want to become rich as quickly as possible through trading.

To start trading, experts recommend paper trading so that you can learn trading without investing money as well as avoid losses. Virtual Trading is just like paper trading or rather it is better than it.

In Virtual Trading, we trade with virtual money, so that even if we have a loss, it is not a real loss and our money is safe. With Virtual Trading, you can experience real trading and learn a lot.

Here I will tell you about 5 best Virtual Trading App which is absolutely free and you do not have to pay a single penny. It is also very easy to use these apps, so let’s know about this app.

Best Virtual Trading App in India

1. NSE Virtual Trading

This app is completely free but you may have to see ads in between. In this you can trade with real market data in NSE Stock, Stock Derivatives, Index F&O.

Its interface can be seen to a great extent like zerodha but not completely. Virtual Money Rs 50,00,000 is available for trading in this.

In the free version of this app, you get the support of TradingView charts, but you will not get the facility of Stop Loss/target, Backup Chat Support, so you may have to take a Pro plan.

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2. Stock Market

This app is also very good for paper trading. In this also you can trade in NSE Listed Stocks, Options trading [Nifty & Bank Nifty], Nasdaq – 100, S&P 500 Index.

5 lakh rupees are available for trading in it. Its user interface is also very good and advertisements are also less visible, although its rating on Google Play Store is slightly lower than NSE Virtual Trading App.

In this also you will get stoploss feature only in premium plan and not in free plan but chart and stock news facility is given for free so you can take advantage of it.

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3. Niota

This app is also perfect for option trading. In this, one gets Rs 1 lakh for option trading. This app is both free and paid. Features like FII DII Data, Month Summary, Basket Orders, Order History, Position History are available in the paid version.

The special thing about this app is that you will not get to see advertisements in it. In the free version of this app, you can do option trading and view the data of option chain, you can also set stop loss, but for more features, you have to take the paid version.

In this, after the money is over, you can set the money again or you can set as much virtual fund as you want, that means no tension of running out of money.

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4. Stolo

This app is completely based on option trading. In this, how to do option trading, all the tools like Paper Trading, Live Market Analysis, Strategy Builder, Open Interest Data, Trade Automation are available.

In this, virtual Rs 10,000 is available for option trading. Tools like Scalping Calculator, Options Calculator, Trading Journal and Pay in & Pay Outs are available in this app.

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5. Stock Trainer

It is best for stock trading. You cannot use it for option trading. Virtual Rs 50,00,000 is available for buying and selling stocks.

In this, you can make a great portfolio by choosing the best stock and track it. In this, you can get to see ads in the footer but you will not get to see popup ads.

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Conclusion – This is the 5 Best Virtual Trading App in India. Out of these, Niota App is providing a lot of facilities for free, although its rating is less than the rest of the apps on Google Play Store, its rating is 3.5 on Play Store and more than one lakh downloads have been done.

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