6 Best Premium Outfit to buy Only Silver Coin In PUBG Mobile lite

Many premium outfits have been given in PUBG Mobile LIte. We need Golden Fragment Coin or a lot of BC to get the premium outfit.

There are some premium outfits in PUBG Lite which you can buy by paying BC or you can also buy it with silver coin. Yes you read it right.

In this post, I am going to tell about 6 such Premium Outfits, which you can buy by paying BC or through Silver Coin.

Let me tell you that there should be a lot of silver coins to take the premium outfit mentioned below, only then you can get the outfit.

If you have a lot of BP coins, then you can convert them to silver coins and then get profit from silver coins.

1. Carnival Set

This is a red colored cloth which is very beautiful, along with it is also red colored gloves in hands. The dress is very attractive.

540 BC has to be spent to get this dress. The price of this dress is 540BC, you can buy this dress for 5400 silver coins.

2. Lethal Butterflies Set

This is one of my best dresses ever. This dress is very beautiful with black skirt and white top. The price of the dress is 540 BC and you can also buy it by paying 5400 silver coins.

3. Dark Goth Set

After the Lethal Butterflies set, I love this dress the most. It has a flower in the corner of the skirt which is very nice to see.

This dress is a complete dress i.e. shoes, gloves are also available in it. The price of the dress is 540 BC and you can also buy it by paying 5400 silver coins.

4. Player 2

This dress is also very nice and is very different from the rest of the dress. The cost of this dress is 600 BC and you can also buy it by paying 6000 silver coins.

5. Bumblebee Set

This yellow colored dress looks like a school uniform. This is a very attractive dress due to its yellow color. The price of the dress is 540 BC and you can also buy it by paying 5400 silver coins.

6. Rock Climber Set

This dress is a bit different and wearing it will give a rock star-like feel. In this dress, all the tools have been given to climb a mountain or climb.

Many people like this dress, so many people do not, although according to me this dress is very good. The cost of this dress is 540 BC/5400 Silver Coin.

How to Purchase Premium Outfit, Silver Coin?

Buying Premium Outfit from Silver Coin is quite easy. Follow the steps given below to purchase the outfit

Step 1 – Open PUBG Lite and click on Shop
Step 2 – Click on Outfit and select Short by Silver Cost
Step 3 – Click on the dress of your choice then click on BC
Step 4- Next to BC, option to buy dress from silver coin will be given
Step 5 – Buy the dress by clicking on Silver Coin

Bs silver coin

Last word – Hope you have understood the information given in the post very well. How to Purchase Premium Outfit with Silver Coin? But how did you like this post written, you can tell in the comment.

Apart from this, I have written many posts related to PUBG Lite in my blog, you can read them too.

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