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Fantasy Sports and Opinion Trading are very famous among the people in India. Now sports trading is also slowly becoming popular among the people in India. In this article we will talk about what is Sports Trading and how it works?

Apart from this, I will also tell about 5 Best Cricket Player Trading App in this post, so if you want to understand Sports Trading or Cricket Player Trading, then read the post carefully.

What is Sports Trading?

As we all know, sports matches keep happening in the world, whether it is cricket or football, their matches keep happening. Cricket becomes very popular among people during IPL and at that time Cricket Fantasy App like Dream11 also becomes very popular among people.

Talking about Sports Trading, this concept is still new in India. The concept of Sports Trading is not much different from Sports Fantasy. In Sports Trading, trading is done on players of games like cricket and football.

Since people like cricket more in India, we will talk about Cricket Trading. In this, money is spent on the players and players are bought and sold.

Suppose you have bought a player from the cricket team for some money and if that player plays well then his value increases and in this way your money also increases. Now you can book profit by selling that player.

Similarly, if you think that a player will not perform well, then you can sell him, when that player does not really perform well, then the value of the money will increase. After this you can exit the trade and book your profit.

In this way you can earn money by trading on the performance of the player. It is just like trading in the share market, the way you can buy and sell or hold a share in the share market, in the same way you can buy, sell or hold a player.

You can also create a portfolio of players in Cricket Trading App. You can have more than one player in your portofolio. The app which provides the facility of Cricket Trading is called Stock Market of Cricket.

5 Best Cricket Player Trading App | Cricket Stock Exchange App

There are many apps that provide the facility of Sports Trading. Since cricket game is more liked in India, so I have focused more on those apps which provide the facility of Cricket Players Trading. Two apps are most famous in Cricket Trading, we will tell you about them.

1. Exchange22 App

In this app, you can trade in both cricket and football games. Talking about cricket, trading in it is very easy. You have to make your own team on the match to be held in this app and invest money on those players.

The special thing about Exchange22 App is that everything is well understood in it. In this you can do Trading (matchwise), Trading (Serieswise) and Market (Call & Put).

In this, the player has to click on Buy to buy and Sell to sell. There is also a cash bonus of Rs 50 on account creation, which can be used in 30% games.

How to use Exchange22 App?

It is very easy to create a portfolio of players. If you think that a player will perform well, then you can buy it and if you think that a player will not perform well, then you can sell it.

Suppose Rohit Sharma’s 1 quantity buy price is Rs.40 and you have bought 2 quantity means you have put Rs.80 on Rohit Sharma. After this, if Rohit Sharma performs well in the match, then his price will be more than 40.

Suppose the price of Rohit Sharma increases from Rs.40 to Rs.50, then your money will increase from Rs.80 to Rs.100, thus you will get a profit of Rs.20.

Download Exchange22

2. Sixer App

The method of using this app is similar to Exchange22 App, however Short and Long have been used instead of Buy and Sell to buy and sell players.

In this, Short means that the player will not perform well in the future and Long means that the player will perform well in the future.

In this, you can keep the player on hold for a long time i.e. 3 to 4 matches, while in Exchange22 App the result is declared in a single match.

In Sixer App, the past record of a player and his performance is explained well, in this you also get to see the graph, so that you can understand how the player performed when.

In Sixer App, the game has been made very confusing by dividing the player into Standard and Super. That’s why Exchange22 App is becoming more famous among people.

To use it, you have to buy and sell players. Buy the player by clicking on Long for good performance of the player or if you think that the player will not perform well in future then you can click on Short.

Download Sixer App

3. Trade Stars

Trade Stars is a website, it does not have any app. In this also you can do trading on Cricket Player. I have not used it, so I cannot tell whether this company is real or fake.

To trade in this, one has to create an account with email ID and deposit money. It also has a system of Dividend like Stocks.

4. CricStox

You can also earn money by trading on players on CricStox. In this also the concept of profit and dividends has been given. To earn money in this, cricketers have to be selected by downloading the app.

After this money has to be invested on cricketers. After making a profit on the trade, you have to withdraw your winnings in the bank. In this way you can earn money from CricStox.

5. BuyStars

BuyStars is a Fantasy Sports App and Cricket Players Trading App. In this app, you can participate in Fantasy Contest and do trading on Cricket Players.

In this, the method of trading on Cricket Players is like the rest of the app. If you think that a player will perform well, then you have to buy him or else you have to sell him.

Conclusion – I hope you have understood the information given about Sports Trading App or Cricket ka Stock Market, Cricket Trading very well. The concept of Sports Trading to earn money is new in India.

At present, Opinion Trading and Fantasy are more popular in India, although in all of these the concept of Opinion Trading is being liked by the people and people have been associated with it. For more information about opinion trading, you can read the post given below.

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