Banksathi Referral code : 20801938 (Get 10% Commission)

banksathi referral code
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In this article, information related to what is Banksathi referral code and how to get your own referral code by creating an account on Banksathi app is given.

If you are creating an account in Banksathi App then you can use our Referral code . Let us know what are the benefits of this code.

Banksathi Referral code : 20801938

Referral Code20801938
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About Banksathi App

Actually, BankSathi app works completely on Refer and Earn program. Through this one app, you can also earn money by referring (share) many facilities/products.

Many financial products are available on BankSathi app like – Demat Account, EMI cards, Loans, Credit card, Saving Account etc.

You can earn commission by selling these products. If you have good knowledge about financial products then you can earn good income by giving the right product to your customer as per his need.

Banksathi Referral code

When you share the referral link from BankSathi App, the referral code is also shared along with it. When someone uses your referral code while creating an account on the Bank Saathi app, then in return you will always get 10% of his every sale as commission.

NOTE – It will not happen that on using your referral code, the money created by the person creating the account will be deducted and given to you.

NOTE – It will not happen that on using your referral code, the money created by the person creating the account will be deducted and given to you.

How to Use Referral Code

  1. After installing the Bank Sathi app, open it. Now click on “→” at the top.
  2. After entering the mobile number, click on “→”. Then fill the OTP.
  3. Fill Aadhaar number and captcha code and verify. Then fill the OTP and verify.
  4. Now enter our referral code 20801938 next to UPDATE NOW at the top. UPDATE NOW after entering the referral code.
  5. On the next page, enter PAN card number and Date of Birth and Save & Continue.
  6. On the next page, enter Bank details and Paytm number and submit.
  7. Now after reaching the home page, go to the profile icon on the top left side. Then go to Personal and fill the personal details.
  8. After this go back to Professional Details. Fill in the information related to your current work here and save it.
  9. Just by following these steps mentioned above, you will easily create an account on BankSathi App using our referral code 20801938.

Banksathi Refer and Earn

Refer and earn is one of the many ways to earn money from Banksathi app. Under this program, when you refer someone to Banksathi app and he downloads and uses this app, then you get 10% of his earnings. .

To refer someone, Banksathi also gives its referral code to everyone, through which anyone can refer the Banksathi app and earn money.

How to get own referral code?

To get your referral code from BankSathi app, you have to go to the home page and click on Referral.

Now from here you can send your own BankSathi referral link and referral code through WhatsApp, Facebook etc. by clicking on Refer Now.

Ask your friends to download BankSathi app from your link and enter your referral code while creating the account.

Friends, if you also want to earn 10% of BankSathi’s earnings as commission by referring BankSathi app to your friends and relatives, then you will have to send them your referral code.

But just sending the referral code will not work. You should also send them our previous article on earning money from BankSathi so that they can also know about many ways to earn money from BankSathi app.

Unless you tell them something that will benefit them, they will not create an account on BankSathi app using your referral code.

How to withdraw money from Banksathi app

To withdraw the money earned from BankSathi app, click on Withdraw at the top of the home page. From here click on Confirm Withdrawal. After deducting 5% TDS of the total earning, the remaining money will be transferred to your account.

Last words

Our Banksathi referral code is: 20801938. Use it while creating an account on banksathi app. After creating an account, get others to open accounts in the Banksathi app by sharing your referral code and get 10% commission on their earning.

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