Easy Rupee Earning App Real or Fake ?

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EasyRupee App is considered to be a very good platform for earning money but can one really earn money from it? Is EasyRupee a real app or a fake app?

If you also want to know everything about EasyRupee, then read this post carefully because I have given all the information about EasyRupee in this post.

What is Easy Rupee App?

EasyRupee App looks like a money earning app. This app is available on Play Store. Many apps in this name are available on Play Store due to which people are facing difficulty in identifying the real app.

If you want to download this app then you can download it by searching EasyRupee App on Google Play Store. When you download and open this app, you will get Rs 50.

This app is a Spin and win Money App. In this, one spin has to cost Rs 10. In this you can win from Rs 10 to Rs 100 by spinning. To withdraw money you should have at least Rs 500.

In this, on creating an account you get Rs 50, using which you can spin 5 times. If you win Rs 100 every time you spin 5 times, you get Rs 500, after which you can place a withdrawal request.

Easy Rupee App Real or Fake

This is a fake earning app and no one can earn money from this app. All the apps with this name available on Play Store are from the same company. There are many reasons for this app being fake. Let us know all those reasons.

1. While creating an account in this app, when you enter your mobile number, it sends Fake OTP to verify it, this proves that this app is a fake app.

2. To earn money in this app, option of Spin & Win Money is given. Let me tell you that no one can earn money by spinning. The biggest question is that where is the money coming from spinning coming from? Is it because father Mukesh Ambani is distributing free money to the people?

3. In this app you can spin only 5 times for free. After this you have to deposit money to spin more. When you deposit money in it, money comes to this app. This is how this app earns money.

4. This app has deliberately set a withdrawal limit of Rs 500. It could have kept a withdrawal limit of Rs 100 but it did not do so because it does not want you to be able to withdraw your money.

5. This app wants you to deposit money in it so that this app can earn money from you, hence you are not earning money from this app but the app is earning money from you.

6. When you deposit money in it, this app starts giving very little money on spinning. Initially this app gives Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 75 on spinning but later it starts giving Rs 10.

7. When you somehow make Rs 500 in this app and place a withdrawal request, this app never transfers your money to your bank. In this way a big scam happens to you.


Can I earn money from EasyRupee?

No, this is a fake earning app and no one can earn money from it.

How is EasyRupee app fake?

This app runs the offer of Spin and Win Money. When someone wins money by spinning it, it never transfers the money to his account.

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