Review : Amp credit loan app is Real or Fake ?

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In today’s time, many loan apps have come in the market which claim to provide instant loans. Most loan apps are completely fake.

Today we are going to talk about one such loan app. The name of this loan app is Amp credit loan. In this article we will know whether Amp credit loan is real or fake. Does this loan app really give instant loans?

Amp credit loan Real or fake

Amp credit loan is a fake loan app. This app is neither available on Google Play Store nor on any other platform. In my research this app has been proved to be from Pakistan.

Scammers have discovered a new way to rob people and have discovered it through this app. This app not only hacks people’s mobile phones in the name of giving loans but also steals their personal information and uses it against them.

If you have downloaded this app, then delete it immediately because this app can steal your personal information and use it against you.

How do loan apps rob people?

Loan Apps claims to provide instant loans to people. When people download their apps on their phones and also give the necessary permissions, then this loan app takes advantage of this and steals their information like photos, videos.

After this, these apps call you and blackmail you and threaten to defame you by editing your photo. Even if you give them money, they demand more money from you.

This loan app connects to all the contacts present in your mobile and abuses and harasses them a lot.

How to identify whether loan app is real or fake?

The best way to identify whether a loan app is real or fake is whether the company is registered with NBFCs or not. Let me tell you, no company can give loan to anyone just like that.

It is necessary for him to be registered. If a company is not registered and is giving loan then there are more chances that that company could be a fraud company.

Conclusion – Hope you have got complete information about Amp credit loan App. Amp credit loan App is completely fake and you should not take loan from it.

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