Review : Is AGCR1966 App Real Earn Money App or Fake ?

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After Olem, a new earning app is becoming increasingly popular, its name is AGCR1966. It is being said about AGCR that it is a very good earning app and you can earn good money from it.

Now the question is whether money can really be earned from AGCR1966 or is it a fake earning website? Let us know in detail about this in this article whether it is a fake website or it really earns money.

Information about AGCR1966 App

AGCR does not have any App, it has only website. Different plans are available on this website. In this it is claimed that if you invest money in it, you will earn daily.

Many plans are given in it like Balance Car, Bike, Electric Tricycle, Motorcycle and Car. The cheapest plan is Balance Car which is priced at Rs 1500.

By investing Rs 1500, you will earn Rs 75 daily and the total earning will be Rs 3,375. Similarly, there are other plans also in which you will earn more if you invest money.

AGCR App Download

AGCR does not have any App, it has only website. The URL of the website is You can create your account by visiting this website.

AGCR App Real or Fake

AGCR App is a fake app, no one can earn by investing money from this app. This platform is fake just like OLEM App. I am saying this because I keep writing articles on such platforms every day.

I don’t know how many fake earning apps I might have exposed. Think for yourself that from where is this app getting the money to pay? Is she giving the money from herself or is her father Mukesh Ambani?

This platform is neither government registered nor has any business model. Such fake money making apps are launched every day and lure people to earn money.

People also get trapped in their trap because initially this app gives a little money to win trust, then when people trust them and take their expensive plan, then it does not give even a single penny.

Can money be earned from AGCR?

No money can be earned from AGCR at all. This is a completely new platform and there is no proof that people are earning from this platform.

Actually this platform is completely fake. Think for yourself why this platform is giving money for free? After all, where is this money coming from? I have exposed many platforms running such Ponzi schemes.

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