Ads exchange Company is real or fake 2024

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Hello friends, you must have heard about earning money by watching Ads, there are many apps that earn money by watching Ads, but at this time Ads exchange is becoming increasingly popular among people.

In this post we will tell you about Ads exchange. In this post we will know that Ads exchange is real or fake? Can we make money from this? Does this website really pay for watching ads?

What is Ads exchange?

Ads exchange is a Fake Earn Money website which claims that anyone can earn money by watching ads in it. This website also charges Rs 999 in the name of joining fee.

Many Youtubers and Influencers claim that anyone can earn lakhs of rupees from this website. Let me tell you these claims of theirs are completely fake because they get paid for doing so.

I will give you 10 such reasons here so that you will understand that the website is completely fake and no one can earn money from it.

Reason No 1 – Joining Fees

This website takes 999 rupees in the name of joining fee, it means that it is not earning you money but it is reducing money from you. Some people may find this fee less, but if even 1000 people fall in its trap and deposit 1000 rupees, then this website earns 10 lakh rupees in one stroke.

If we assume that it gives 10 thousand rupees to 10 youtubers to promote their website, even then it is left with 9 lakh rupees. In this way you can understand that this website is not earning money from people, others are earning from them.

Reason No 2 – Social media account

This website does not have any account on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media account, due to which the chances of it being fake increase.

Reason No 3 – Online Complaint

Many people have also written an online complaint against this website and told about the fraud done on them. In this way this website is completely fake

Reason No 4 – Registration Details

There is no registration of this website anywhere nor its registration details have been given so that it can be known that this company is a registered company.

Reason No 5 – Founder Information

No details have been given of the founder of this company, along with no information has been given about its customer support, which proves that this company is completely fake.

Reason No 6 – Google Play Store Review

This app has got 3.5 star rating on Google Play Store. When you read the latest comment of this app, you will see that many people have told about the scam that happened to them.

ads exchange reviews

Reason No 7 – Ads Exchange Close

The Ads Exchange website is now closed and no one can register in it now. Its app has also been removed from the Play Store. The removal of this app from Google Play Store proves that this app was a fake app.

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Conclusion : Hope you must have understood that Ads exchange is real or fake. My advice is that do not trust any such money earning app which charges money from you in the name of registration fee.

I have written posts on many fake apps and websites before also, you can read them. I have given the links of all the posts above. If you really want to earn money then I would recommend you to use Tradex App. You can read our post for more information about Tradex App. – TradeX App

Ads exchange FAQ

Ads exchange is real or fake

This is completely fake website and no one can earn money from it.

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