Review : Is Accibis is real or fake Earning App

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Do you want to know whether Accibis App is real app or fake? Let us know about Accibis App.

These days, such apps are being launched on the internet and Telegram which claim to increase the money manifold. Many apps are being launched every day which are claiming to increase money.

Among these apps, Accibis App is also becoming increasingly popular among the people. Many people have a question whether this app is real? Should money be invested in this? Can money really be earned from this app?

About Accibis App

Accibis is famous as an investment app. There are many plans available in which it is claimed to get good returns on investing money.

Its cheapest investment plan is of Rs 1,701, in which you will earn Rs 85 for 60 days by investing the money. The total earning on investing money in this plan will be Rs 5,100.

That means you will get Rs 5,100 by investing Rs 1,701. There are many such plans in this app in which it is being claimed that your money will be three to four times more.

This company calls itself a hotel management company and asks people to invest money in its hotel. This company claims good returns on investment.

Accibis App Download

Accibis App is not visible when searched on Google due to which people are facing problems in downloading this app. If you want to download Accibis App, then first you will have to create an account in it.

You can create an account by visiting Accibis website.

  1. First of all go to this website –
  2. After visiting this website, you have to create an account by entering your mobile number and password.
  3. After this you have to log in to this website.
  4. After logging in to the website, click on user.
  5. After clicking on User, click on Download App.
  6. After this this app will be downloaded on your phone.

Accibis is real or fake

Accibis App is a Fake App and no one can earn money from this app. This type of investment apps are being launched every day on the internet. I have exposed this type of app earlier also.

JSW Venture, Numgenius ai, AGCR1966, Heico Earning App are also providing services exactly like Accibis App. The plan of these fake apps is very simple.

First of all it makes an investment plan and claims daily earnings. After this, when people invest in their plan, it starts giving them daily profits due to which people feel that this is a real app.

People who invest money in this app, it takes many days to recover their money, by then many people join this app and then this app starts giving their money to other people.

When people get full money after 60 days, they believe that it is a real app and then invest more money in it, after which their money is lost.

Reality of Accibis App

Many people will say that Accibis App is a real app and they have earned money from this app, so let me tell them that this app gives a few days time to double the money.

In that span of time many people have joined this platform. This app keeps giving the money of the people who came later to the people who came in the beginning.

Many people get greedy and invest a lot of money, then this app keeps distributing that money to others.

If everyone asks for their invested money together, the same company will never be able to return it. This company has no business model. Think for yourself and see how this company is doubling and tripling people’s money?

This company is neither government registered nor paying taxes to the government. This company does not even have any business background. When this company has a lot of money, this company will run away.

Should I invest money in Accibis or not?

You should not invest money in Accibis App. If someone is telling you that this app is giving money then you should not listen to him because this company is completely fraud and there is no guarantee that it will return your money.

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