5x money App real or fake | Complete Review

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In today’s time, many Fake Earn Money App are present on Play Store, whose reality is very difficult to identify. In this story, I am going to tell the truth of such fake Earn Money App, its app name is 5x money. Many people have a question whether 5x money App is real or fake?

If you want to know whether 5x money App is a real or fake, then read this post completely, here I am going to give a review of 5x money App, so let’s start.

What is 5x money App?

5x money App is a Spin and Win Earn Money app. Earning money from this app is very easy, to earn money you just have to spin then your money will be up to 5 times.

It is very easy to use this app. There is no need to register and create an account in the app to earn money. After Downloading the app, open it and select the money and click on Spin.

After this the wheel will spin for some time and your money will be doubled, tripled, quadrupled or 5 times. In this app you can put up to Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100 and Rs.500.

To withdraw the earned money, the option of Google Pay, Phone Pay and Paytm has been given. There should be at least 2000 rupees to withdraw money. When you have 2000 rupees, you can withdraw them.

In this app you can spin from Rs.20 and Rs.50 for free, however when you have Rs.1150 then you have to deposit the money. Let us now know whether this app is real or fake?

5x Money App real or fake

5x money App is a fake app and no one can earn money from this app. There is no business model of this app. How does this app work and how does it pay for spin? No one has information.

All the people who are talking about earning money from this app are lying. All these people get money to promote the app, so that these people show fake earnings and edit the videos.

Here I have given you not one but many reasons for this app being fake and I am going to tell all those reasons one by one.

Account Creation – There is no option to create an account in this app. No need to register with mobile number to use the app.

In this way, if you earn in this app and then by mistake this app gets deleted from your phone, then after downloading this app again, your earning will be zero.

Money Transfer – You can withdraw at least 2000 rupees from this app. When you can earn Rs 1,150 for free, then you have to spend money to earn more money. After this, as soon as you invest money, you do not earn and your money gets drowned.

Business Model – There is no business model of this app. From where is this app giving money on spin? Is he giving money from his own pocket? No one knows People are investing money in it without thinking.

I ask you, from where is this app giving money by spinning? What is the benefit of spinning this app? How is this app earning just by Spin? When this app is not earning, then from where will it give you money?

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