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5paisa Promo Code is ATUL3201, Get Exciting Benefits on Sign UP and Get 200 Rs + 12.5 Brokerage from Refer and Earn Program

5paisa referral code itself is called Promo Code, so if you are searching for 5paisa referral code then you can use ATUL3201.

5paisa Promo Code 2023: ATUL3201

5paisa promo code new userATUL3201
5paisa referral amount300 Rs. + 12.5% Brokerage Sharing
Account OpeningZero Rs.
Rating4.3 (Google Review)
Size20 MB
Total Download10 Million Plus

5paisa App gives its user a chance to earn money from Refer & Earn program. Under this program, joining someone with your Referral Code not only benefits the referrer, but the joiner also gets a Signup Bonus.

Because of this, people who think of trading by downloading this app, they join only through some referral link or referral code so that they can take advantage of the offers they get.

If you are also looking for 5paisa App Promo Code, then you can get Sign up bonus by using Coupon Code: ATUL3201.

How to Use 5paisa Promo Code

When you click on Open A Free Demat Account to open Demat Account in 5paisa App, then after that the place to enter Promo Code will appear. ATUL3201 has to be filled in the Promo Code.

5paisa Referral Code

What is 5Paisa App

5Paisa App is a discount broker. In this you can trade and invest in the share market. There is no charge for opening an account in this, that is, you can open a Demat account for free.

5Paisa App is included in the list of top brokers. Super Saver Packs are provided in it, after taking which your brokerage gets reduced considerably. If you do trading then you can save money on brokerage by taking Super Saver Packs.

I have explained the complete process of opening an account in 5Paisa App with screenshots in the previous post. The link of that post is given below, you can read that post.

Read Post – 5Paisa Account Opening Full Process with Screenshot

5paisa Financial Procucts

  1. Mutual Funds
  2. Stock SIP
  3. IPO
  4. 24K Gold
  5. US Stocks
  6. Loans @12 Interest
  7. Wealth
  8. Bonds @13% yeald
  9. Smallcase
  10. Buyback

5paisa Refer and Earn 2023

According to this program, when you get someone to download 5paisa App from your referral link or when someone downloads and uses 5paisa App from your referral link, then you get money.

Many types of offers are being given in 5paisa’s refer & earn program and more and more benefits are also being given for more and more referrals. On referring 5paisa, you get Rs 300, along with this, 12.5% Brokerage sharing is also available.

5paisa Refer and Earn Terms and conditions

There are some terms and conditions to earn money by referring from 5paisa App, on the basis of which you will be able to earn money by referring.

  1. refer and earn Offer is valid only for initial 10 people.
  2. The money earned from referral is transferred to your account in 72 hours.
  3. You can use the money earned from referrals to buy stocks
  4. Customer giving more than 10 referrals will be upgraded to Pro Partner Program.
  5. You will start getting within 7 days of opening the brokerage sharing account.

5paisa Pro Partner Program

In 5paisa app you can refer only 10 people in a month. If you want to earn money by referring more people then you will have to join the Pro Partner Program.

After joining Pro Partner Program, you can refer unlimited people and earn money. Four types of plans are given in Pro Partner Program.

  1. Get Rs.200 + 30% Brokerage Sharing/Refer
  2. Get Rs.300 (after 3 Trades of Rs.1000)+ 50% Brokerage Sharing/Refer
  3. Get Rs.500 (after 5 Trades in F&O)+ 50% Brokerage Sharing/Refer
  4. 60% Brokerage Sharing/Refer

You can join any of these plans. After this, when you refer someone, you will get money according to the same plan. Joining the Pro Partner program is very easy.

To join Pro Partner, you can click on the link given below. To join this program, one must have an account in 5paisa.

  1. Click on the link after which the partner dashboard will open. Partner Program
  2. Log in to Partner Dashboard
  3. Choose your business plan
  4. After this you can refer others.

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How to Check Referrals Details in 5paisa ?

The money earned by referring from 5paisa and the referred people can be easily seen

If you want to see Referrals Details, then for this you have to follow the following steps.

  • Click the link- Click Here
  • Log in with 5paisa by entering Mobile Number/Client Code/Email Id
  • Referral details will be visible as soon as you log in.

How to withdraw earned money from 5paisa App?

You will see the money earned by referring from 5paisa App in Funds. To withdraw money, first buy the stock and then sell the stock

You can withdraw the money after selling the stock. To withdraw money, click on Withdraw and fill the amount you want to withdraw.

After filling the amount, click on Withdraw, after which you will see the message of Withdraw Success, after that your money will reach your bank within 24 hours.

5paisa Charges

Account OpeningZero
Mutual FundsRs.0 Commmisison
Equity DeliveryRs.20/Order
Equity IntradayRs.20/Order
Equity optionsRs.20/Order
Equity FutureRs.20/Order

5paisa Super Saver Packs

If you do not want to pay much brokerage in 5paisa then you can take its Super Saver Packs. Super Saver Packs come with two plans (1. Ultra Trader Pack 2. Power Investor Pack). There are many benefits of taking them.

१. Ultra Trader Pack (14,158/Year)

  1. 0 Brokerage For equity Delivery
  2. First 100 Trades Free every Month
  3. Rs.10 Per Order
  4. No DP Transaction Charges
  5. No Net Banking Charges
  6. All Feautres of Power Investor Pack

2. Power Investor Pack (7,078.82/Year)

  1. Rs.10 Per Order Brokerage
  2. Portofolio Analytical Tools
  3. Research on 4000+ Companies
  4. Long term Investment & Shot terms Trading Ideas


How to get Refer & Earn Option?

To get the option of Refer & Earn in 5paisa, one has to create a Demat or trading account. You will see the option of Refer & Earn in the App only after the account is opened.

What is 5paisa Promo code?

the Promo Code in 5paisa App consists of 8 digit letters. On entering which Signup offer can be obtained. Whose Referral Code you will enter, he will also get profit.

How to refer 5paisa App?

It is very easy to refer someone. To refer, open 5paisa App and click on Refer & Earn option. After this share your Referral link. Here you will also see your referral code, by sharing which you can earn money.

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