20 Important and Best Mobile Accessories list with pictures 2020

Mobile accessories are very important for the smartphone and in today’s time, using a smartphone without mobile accessories seems very boring. Mobile accessories make the use of mobile in our life even easier.

In this post I have written about the mobile accessories list and in this list I have included all the accessories that you can use to make your life even easier by using it with your mobile.

Many people do not know about the important mobile accessories to be used in their daily life, due to which they are not able to use their Smartphone properly.

I have shown many products in the mobile accessories list. All these products are best and value for money products. I am saying this because I have included each of these products in this list only after doing a lot of research.


Mobile accessories list


1.Mobile phone holder

With the help of phone holder, we can hold our mobile anywhere. There are many types of phone holders in the market and we use all these phone holders in different ways.

Universal Mobile phone Holder

Mobile Accessories list

As there are universal words in the name itself, this means we can use this phone holder anywhere. This phone holder has a long neck which can bend and use the phone holder.

Ring Mobile Holder

Mobile Accessories list

This mobile holder is like a ring that we use to wear it in the middle finger of our hand.

Wall Mount Phone Holder

Mobile Accessories list

Often, when we are on a journey, in many such places, mobile charging sockets are very high on the wall. Due to the short cable of our phone, we cannot hold our smartphone in hand for a long time.

At this time, these Wall Mount Phone Holders are very useful, so if you travel more then you should buy this holder now

Mobile Stand Tripod

Mobile Accessories list

This holder is mostly used in photography or video recording, so if you do video recording then this holder will be very useful for you.

Pop Holder

Mobile Accessories list

Like a ring holder, we use this holder on the back of the smartphone but like a ring holder, we cannot wear it in the ring, so to use this holder, we have to pull it between the fingers of our hands.

Bike Mobile Holder

Mobile Accessories list

If you want to use your mobile while riding a bike, then you can use this mobile holder

2.Selfie Stick

Mobile Accessories list

After the introduction of the front camera in the smartphone, the selfie trend increased very rapidly. Some time ago, holding a mobile in our hand and taking a group selfie was very difficult.

After the selfie stick, we can take a very good selfie by putting our smartphone in this device.

3.Power Banks

Mobile Accessories list

All the readers will know about this device, obviously we use this device when we have gone on a journey and there is No system to charge the mobile.

4.Camera Lens

Mobile Accessories list

If your interest is in photography then Camera Lens will help you a lot. We use camera lenses to take good photos with Smartphone

5.Mobile phone Charger

We need a charger to charge our mobile, here I have told you about many types of chargers which are also used in different ways.

USB Wall Charger

Mobile Accessories list

This charger is like a normal charger which has one or more USB ports with the help of which we can charge multiple mobiles simultaneously.

Car Charger

Mobile Accessories list

We use the car charger to charge our mobile inside the car. Car charger is also very useful during travel because in many places there is no mobile charging system.

Multi port charger

Mobile Accessories list

Multi port charger is used by people while traveling because with the help of this you can charge many of your devices at the same time.

Wireless charger

Mobile Accessories list

The wireless charger charges the mobile without a USB cable. Wireless charger is used in newer iPhone models like iPhone11 / 11Pro / 11Pro Max / Xs / Xs MAX / XR / X / 8 / 8Plus

So if your mobile also supports wireless charging then you can take this charger

6.Mobile phone case/cover

We use mobile phone case to keep the smartphone from falling. Mobile phone case protects our smartphone from scratch, dust and crack.

Full Transparent cover

This cover is full transparent, that’s why our smartphone looks very beautiful.

Solid Cover

Flip cover

Along with protecting your smartphone, flip cover also acts as a wallet. This type of cover provides 360 protection to your smartphone.

Cover with Stand

If you want a stand in your mobile cover, then this type of cover also exists in the market. The advantage of such mobile cover is that you do not have to take a stand separately and you can watch the movie using the stand in the mobile cover anywhere.


Mobile Accessories list

A headset is a device that has two speakers for listening to a song and a mic for talking.

8. VR headset

Mobile-Accessories-list (5)
Mobile Accessories list

VR headset is a device that allows us to watch 360 degree video. When we watch 360 degree video by putting our mobile in VR headset, it seems that we are in the same place.

I mean to say that because of the VR headset, we are able to experience being in the imaginary world shown in the video.

Your mobile must have 360 ​​degree video and GYROSCOPE sensor to use VR headset

9.Screen Magnifier

With the help of Screen Magnifier, you can enjoy watching videos and photos in big screen in your mobile.

Screen Magnifier acts as a projector for mobile and gives you the experience of watching movies on the big screen

10. Trigger Fire Button Game Controllers

With the help of the game controller, you can control the game in your mobile and play it. For different games, you will find a separate game controller in the market, but there are some game controllers that support more than one game.

Here I am showing you the game controller that supports PUBG.

11. Multi Headphone Splitter

With the help of Multi Headphone Splitter, many people can listen to songs using their headphones simultaneously.

People use this device in different tasks like a connector. Like connecting multiple mic at once

12. Audio Jack to Headphone Microphone Splitter Converter Adaptor

With the help of this adapter we can use the mic and headphones in our smartphone, laptop or speaker together but if you have a headset, then you will not need this device because the mic already exists in the headset.

I have included almost all the accessories in this Mobile Accessories list, yet if no Mobile Accessories are included in this list, then you can tell by commenting

13. Speaker

14. Headset

15. Earphone

16. Earbuds

17. OTG Cable

18. Pen Drive

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